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Review: Inside Job (2010)

„Big time … I’m on my way I’m making it … I’m gonna watch it growing … So much larger than life“. This lines from the Peter Gabriel song „Big […]

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

1950’s television documentary special that includes interviews with Hitler’s sister Paula Wolf and a fellow prisoner who was incarcerated with Hitler, actual footage shot by the Nazi’s and Eva Braun’s […]

The Art of Flight – snowboarding film trailer with Travis Rice

The Art of Flight follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures […]

Review: Restrepo (2010)

The first images shows a group of young men in a train. It’s one week before deployment, an insert informs us, and the are either joking or sleeping. Then, in […]

Nominees Documentary (Feature) – Academy Awards 2011

Check out infos and trailers of 2011 nominees.

Review: Häxan (aka The Witches or Witchcraft through the Ages) 1922

This silent film about „witchcraft“ and how society reacts to it was quite a scandal in the 1920’s – Germany and the US banned it and in many countries the […]

Review: Workingman’s Death (2005)

Workingmans’s Death by Austrian director Michael Glawogger won several awards for its impressive depiction of work under extreme circumstances and manages to combine social reportage with artistic imagery. The film, […]

Review: Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

This masterpiece by the great Russian director Dziga Vertov (1896–1954) has a firm place in movie history. Quite controversial for its unusual style at the time of its release, it […]

Review: Muhammad Ali – The Greatest (2001)

This sports documentary – written, produced and narrated by Carlos Larkin – from 2001 (not to be confused with the William Klein directed Muhammad Ali, The Greatest from 1969) covers […]

Thoth (Best Documentary Short Oscars 2002)

Location: United States of America - New York City

Haunting and enigmatic, S.K. Thoth built a reputation as one of America’s great street performers. Chronicling his life from childhood to the present, “Thoth” captures the spirit of an individual […]

Inside America

INSIDE AMERICA gives a blunt view into America’s soul, found somewhere between plasma TVs and food stamps. The film is a portrait of six High School kids in a small border […]

After the Last Round

“After The Last Round” is a feature documentary that takes you inside the sport of boxing, exposing its life changing effects on the fighters and their families, both inspirational and […]

Review: Trimph of the Will

Maybe the most notorious „documentary“ in film history, Leni Riefenstahl’s (1902-2003) propaganda film about the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1934 is received ambivalently to this day: As much […]