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Truth is stranger than fiction
Meaning: Real life can be more amazing and difficult to believe than made-up stories.

The Documentary Network – Documentary.net

We offer legal high quality documentaries to stream and download for free. Only the best films get selected by us to guarantee quality content. Our docs educate, entertain, inform, teach, shock, explain. You get deeper insights, you increase your knowledge and maybe you gain some new perspectives.
Bored with the regular TV programming? Documentary.net allows you to see what you want, when you want and where you want to see it. You can enjoy the films on your computer, on tv-sets with internet connection, at home and/or on the way with your iPad or tablet.

You can browse by category, topic and length:

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This is a project to value the genre documentary film.

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Documentary.net offers free and legal film streaming of documentaries from all around the world without regional and technical limitations

The films can be viewed on PCs and Mac computers as well as on laptops or mobile devices like Android powered smartphones and tablets or iPhones and iPads. Users can browse through various genres or select from different lengths: less than 10min, 11-30 minutes or longer than 30 minutes.

Documentary.net works closely with filmmakers and producers to support their films but also to ensure the legal service. Filmmakers can also promote their films and trailers for free upon request.

The content on documentary.net is generated by thousands of professional content producers and TV-stations who provide their films on the internet for free. The number of documentaries produced has increased significantly over the last couple of years due to lower production costs and the possibility to distribute them worldwide almost for free.

The idea of documentary.net is to aggregate and curate all the available content. No need to browse different TV-channels, no need to worry if the video will play on your device. Documentary.net helps to save a lot of search time and does it all for you, free of charge. Just click on the topic that you are interested in and you are ready to explore the world in moving pictures.

Up to now the site offers over 800 films with more to come on a daily basis. Films vary from multi-million dollar projects to Academy Awards winners or Palme d’Or in Cannes. Still the majority are films from independent filmmakers who produce high quality films that will surprise you.

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