+ How do you define documentary videos on documentary.net

Any video that provides insights and/or new perspectives on a topic or current/past event. This can be a 2min clip, 10min report, but also a 2 hours documentary feature.

+ Do I need I need plugins to watch the videos?

No. This site is HTML5 based. Most videos are delivered via WebM or MP4 codec. If the video player detects Flash on your machine, it may use Flash. Don’t forget to update your browser to the latest stable version.

Android & iOS: (iPad, iPhone, iPod): Videos should play fine.


+ Is it free? Legal?

Yes it is free and legal. Films are provided by the filmmakers or rights-holders themselves. Or they claim their copyright protected contents on YouTube and monetize it. If you are also interested in this YouTube Partnership read on here.
If you want to submit a DMCA claim of copyright infringement one YouTube you can file it at YouTube. In other cases please contact us.

+ Can I submit my film, drone, timelapse, 360 video?

Yes please! Use the video submission page

+ How do you select films?

They should provide new information, perspectives, insights or deal with controversial topcis/opinions. You will understand that we prefer well made films in terms of sound, photography, editing… Nowadays at least 720p resolution.