MIA documentary director leaks teaser – then quits project

Written by Documentary.net staff
Published on July 9, 2013

The upcoming documentary about artist M.I.A. may not see the light of day anytime soon.

Imagine you are directing a documentary film and it seems to be the case that it never sees the day of light anytime soon. You would be frustrated right? Thit is the case for director Steve Loveridge and his doc film about famous artist M.I.A.

In an ongoing battle with the records label of M.I.A. Roc Nation he decided to leak the trailer online on YouTube with the effect of being hit with copyright infringement claim by the IFPI a few hours after the upload.

He then posted an discussion with representatives of the label concerning how the trailer leaked. “”I know how frustrated you must be with the whole subject, but I promise we’ve been having ongoing conversations internally, trying to get legal stuff and funding resolved”.

The reply from him: “”I really couldn’t give a flying f–k. Count me out. Would rather die than work on this…”

Below you can find his original response to the record label Roc Nation. Frustrated with release dates and general distribution topics, was this a smart move? Do you agree with him?