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Animal grabbed camera and took hundreds of perfect photos of itself.

Exciting developments in camera technology have levelled out of the playing field between the professional and the amateur and so the battle now for programme makers like award-winning wildlife filmmaker […]

Documentary advocate and entertainment lawyer Michael C. Donaldson clarifies some of the key points surrounding Fair Use.

The upcoming documentary about artist M.I.A. may not see the light of day anytime soon.

The nominees for 2013 Oscars.

Crowdfunding service Kickstarter announced more than $100 million have been pledged to film projects. Documentary film genre gets most of if.

Automatic captions now in six European languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

Emerging digital technologies are opening powerful new ways to create and even to reconceptualize the documentary film. What are the implications for makers and viewers of documentaries of today’s unprecedented […]

Check out the high speed motion control system ‘Spike’ from German based company “The Marmelade”. Amazing footage…

Apple is once again pushing the limits with the new Retina display for mobile computing. At its developers’ conference in San Francisco on Monday June 11 2012 they introduced the […]

A film about the phenomenon crowdfunding is being funded with the help of crowdfunding. So help and support it!

David Lyle shares his vision of how factual programming is having to adapt to audiences as they get used to different types of storytelling.

We all know the situation when interview partners continuously try to avoid answering simple questions. But for investigative filmmakers it can be essential to get answers. See how Jeremy Paxman […]

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