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In order to really reach a global audience it is very important to offer subtitles. We show you how to do so and what apps to use.

As soon as you are planning to shoot a doc in a foreign country production costs i.e. for calling locals or team members can explode. But there are plenty of […]

There are as many different types of music documentaries as there are styles of music, but one of the first instances of music actually being combined with “film” in the […]

Aside from atrocities and brutality, war means business. Not only to the arms industry but also to film producers and military propaganda units (a recent film that dealt with war […]

Acclaimed filmmaker, Nicolas Philibert shares his very particular and personal approach to documentary. In 2001, he directed “To Be and to Have” (Être et avoir) on the daily life of […]

One of the most distinctive filmmakers of our time, Werner Herzog has been called the “romantic visionary” of the New German Cinema movement. His edgy, larger-than-life films fuse the epic […]

Born in Graz, Austria, in 1959, Michael Glawogger is a traveling filmmaker. Not only does he literally journey around the world for his documentaries, he also moves back and forth […]

Although the terms Direct Cinema and Cinéma vérité are often described as being quite similar, they are in fact two opposing ways in trying to meet the same goal – […]

Find a nice selected collection of tutorials on how to make a documentary film. You can use them for free, all you need is a lot of time and you […]

Fake documentaries aka Mockumentaries & Pseudo-Documentaries. The documentary genre is as old as the history of the movies – the first images put to film weren’t exactly “art stuff” but […]

Ok, so you want to share your film with the world. The next question that will come up: Which video hoster is best for me and my film? We could […]

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