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To get more insight on Joshua Oppenheimer’s frightening and otherworldly documentary “The Act of Killing,” we spoke to executive producers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris about the making of the […]

Emerging digital technologies are opening powerful new ways to create and even to reconceptualize the documentary film. What are the implications for makers and viewers of documentaries of today’s unprecedented […]

British documentary film maker Louis Theroux has a unique style. Like no other he manages to strike the balance between getting involved with and close to his topics and making […]

David Lyle shares his vision of how factual programming is having to adapt to audiences as they get used to different types of storytelling.

Acclaimed filmmaker, Nicolas Philibert shares his very particular and personal approach to documentary. In 2001, he directed “To Be and to Have” (Être et avoir) on the daily life of […]

One of the most distinctive filmmakers of our time, Werner Herzog has been called the “romantic visionary” of the New German Cinema movement. His edgy, larger-than-life films fuse the epic […]

Born in Graz, Austria, in 1959, Michael Glawogger is a traveling filmmaker. Not only does he literally journey around the world for his documentaries, he also moves back and forth […]

In our new section “Talk with the Filmmakers” we present interviews that deliver insight in the working methods of documentarists all over the world. Young Austrian Director Stefan Bohun realized […]

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