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In this controversial but generally well-received documentary, award-winning director Lee Hirsch covers an explosive topic: millions of American children are bullied at school every year.

Some stories are so incredible that one hardly believes them but Searching for Sugar Man, nominated for an Academy Award this year, is no mockumentary.

A documentary trying to unveil the dark spots on the Olympic Games’s self-proclaimed green image.

The downfall of Detroit is a story often told. Once a boomtown and the world’s automotive capital (that became the fourth largest city of the United States), competition from foreign […]

German-born Pina Bausch (1940 – 2009) was a pioneer in the international world of dancing. Combining modern dance with elements of pantomime, song or acting, she is regarded as the […]

This Academy Award 2012 nominated film centers on environmentalist Daniel McGowan, a former member of the “Earth Liberation Front”, a worldwide collective of eco-guerillas.

180 Film: You like Hitler? You don’t believe in God? Good chance you are pro-abortion then!

The Big Vinny is another great short doc by the makers of the “California is a place” series and portrays “Big Vinny” Rich Lieberman, a former used car salesman from […]

The film starts with the classic Rock’n’Roll hit “Chantilly Lace” but before one can really get into the mood of dancing, a disturbing noise fades in and soon predominates. “What’s […]

A cinematic portrait of English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith, Step Across the Border is a mixture of improvised music and cinema direct. Shot in black and white on […]

The first part of what was to become a trilogy, The Decline of Western Civilization documents the burgeoning Los Angeles punk music scene between December 1979 and May 1980.

A rockumentary about the English rock band The Who, featuring live performances, promotional films and interviews from 1964 to 1978. Jeff Stein, an American admirer of the band, approached guitarist […]

On a warm summer morning in 1958, Esquire magazine editors arranged a meeting of jazz musicians to pose for a “class photo” in front of a Harlem brownstone for the […]

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