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„I think artists as a whole have this weird thing were you’re just driven into something and sometimes you don’t really know why … but i was alwas driven to […]

„Big time … I’m on my way I’m making it … I’m gonna watch it growing … So much larger than life“. This lines from the Peter Gabriel song „Big […]

The first images shows a group of young men in a train. It’s one week before deployment, an insert informs us, and the are either joking or sleeping. Then, in […]

This silent film about „witchcraft“ and how society reacts to it was quite a scandal in the 1920’s – Germany and the US banned it and in many countries the […]

Workingmans’s Death by Austrian director Michael Glawogger won several awards for its impressive depiction of work under extreme circumstances and manages to combine social reportage with artistic imagery. The film, […]

This masterpiece by the great Russian director Dziga Vertov (1896–1954) has a firm place in movie history. Quite controversial for its unusual style at the time of its release, it […]

This sports documentary – written, produced and narrated by Carlos Larkin – from 2001 (not to be confused with the William Klein directed Muhammad Ali, The Greatest from 1969) covers […]

Maybe the most notorious „documentary“ in film history, Leni Riefenstahl’s (1902-2003) propaganda film about the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1934 is received ambivalently to this day: As much […]

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