Most Popular Cameras used by Professional Photographers in 2012
Written by Hannes Kreuzer
Published on December 4, 2012

Details on cameras and settings that have been used to shoot Reuters “Best Photos of the Year”.

If you have ever wondered which camera models are used by pro photographers, here is an interesting figure for you. Just recently news agency Reuters published the ranking of their “2012 photos of the year”.  Along with the images comes EXIF data like camera model, lens, shutter speed etc.

Users from the website reddit aggregated this information and created very nice graphs that illustrate the data in a very user friendly way. You will be surprised by some of the outcomes, others are not really unexpected.

Of course one needs to mention that press agencies can have a favorite brand of their equipment, one ecosystem is just easier for the photographers, as a user mentions on reddit. So the rather pro Canon outcome could be a sign of Reuters preferring this brand. Nevertheless all the other data should work fine.

What are your experiences? Please share them!

Reuters 2012 cameras charts by mathiasaReuters 2012 cameras charts by mathiasa