Tricking kids when taking photos of them just got easier

Written by Hannes Kreuzer
Published on December 16, 2012

Smartphone Holder for Child Photos helps getting a good picture.

Imagine you need some pictures of kids when they are playing. Not easy isn’t it? And now think of portrait shots. This can be a really tough job. Maybe it just got a little bit easier with this smart invention of a new camera tool.

It is called “Look Lock” and it is a camera-mountable universal smartphone holder, with an articulating arm for mounting small devices above your lens or camera body. Note: If you try to document their natural behaviour this will of course manipulate their action.

The manufacturer suggests these usage scenarios that acutally make really sense.

  • Capture the attention of children, pets and other subjects. Once installed, play a favorite App or video on the smartphone.
  • Record a value added video from the camera’s POV of a wedding, event or any photo shoot simultaneously.
  • Ideal telepromter display for DSLR video shooting.
  • Create a monitor for the photographer or subject to see images as they are shot.

The price of USD 75 is ok compared to other camera equioment. You can get it here: