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Episode 4 looks at how changes to the television platform are creating new opportunities for advertisers to grow deeper relationships with consumers.

Episode 3 investigates how 3D and other technologies are truly transforming the viewing experience and what this will mean for advertisers in the future.

In the second episode, the film investigates the power of the audience and the impact they now having on broadcasters and advertisers. The audience has always been what matters. But […]

In the first episode of the six-part documentary series, the visionaries discuss how television viewing is migrating across multiple screens.

A German research team recently returned from an expedition to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

Marine geologist Claudia Wienberg studies animals whose existence was unknown until a few years ago – cold water corals that live in the cooler regions of the Atlantic or the […]

MARUM scientists Ursula Röhl and Alex Wülbers are investigating what the ocean floor has to tell us about the climate in the past. In this report they talk about an […]

Florence Schubotz is a geochemist at MARUM. She studies a very special habitat in the Gulf of Mexico. There at depths of 3,000 meters large areas of the sea floor […]

ko Sahling is a biologist and deep sea geoscientist at the MARUM Research Center. The area he studies is in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Pakistan.

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