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For some, taxidermy is a practice about art, science and a love of wildlife.

We head to the Bahamas to monitor tiger sharks, the largest predatory shark in the tropics. Spending five days and nights on a floating lab at Tiger Beach, a team of scientists – […]

Thousands of sick sea lion pups are washing up ashore and dying along the California coast, with over 3,100 pups reportedly becoming stranded in 2015 so far — an amount […]

The world is experiencing a global bee crisis, with Australia the only country not yet affected. With bees responsible for almost a third of the food on our plate, this […]

After 22 years of raising chickens for Perdue, one brave factory farmer Craig Watts was at his breaking point and did something no one has done before. He invited us, […]

Travel to remote Liberia to discover ‘Monkey Island,’ an area inhabited solely by former lab tested chimpanzees who survived disease and two civil wars.

Playful, gentle and inquisitive, dolphins are among the most endearing of wild animals – and Robin Williams may be their perfect human counterpart.


Filmed in extreme geographical conditions all over the globe, it describes the modern Odyssey of people who go out to discover their blue planet.

New videography techniques have opened up the oceans’ microscopic ecosystem, revealing it to be both mesmerizingly beautiful and astoundingly complex.

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry

In captivity, animals may face a number of challenges which evolution has not prepared them for and disables the animal to fulfill their behavioral needs.

Color, light and movement, properly combinated, can produce messages. Some symbols are universal, however other visual languages ​​are issued and understood only by a few species, and are like a […]

Wildlife trafficking is estimated to be a $19 billion per year global business, surpassed only by black-market sales and trafficking of drugs, humans, and firearms.

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