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By reversing its aging process when it gets sick or injured, Japan’s tiny Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is one of the only known animals that has figured out how to defeat […]

A look at IBAMA’s fight against international trafficking of species in Brasil operated by biopirates to steal brazilian nature

The highest concentration of one of the most venomous snakes in the world is located about 90 miles off the coast of Santos, Brazil, on a small, craggy chunk of […]

At great personal risk, Dave has recently filmed a 5-minute video that contains some of the most beautiful footage ever taken with a drone from the air.

Murder Mouth: Could you kill what you had for dinner? Maddie, a 21 year-old meat eater, decides to take the question into her own hands.

Irina Markova, a solitary Russian poodle trainer, reveals her transcendent relationship with her dogs, the childhood tragedy that sparked a lifetime of working with animals.

Follow the illegal medicine trail from the Savannah to South East Asia

Myanmar’s timber elephants and their handlers have survived wars and dictatorships, but will they survive democracy?


The film seeks to deflate current attitudes about sharks, and exposes how the voracious shark-hunting industry is driving them to extinction.


The story of the internet’s favourite cat and her sensational rise to international fame, starring Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat, Scumbag Steve and the internet.

Overconsumption is a situation where resource use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of the ecosystem.

They’ve been fishing the waters of the Indian Ocean for generations, but the traditional livelihood of people like the Vezos in Madagascar is increasingly under threat

Werner Freund has been raising and living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years

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