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China’s Web Junkies – Internet Addiction Documentary

Location: Peoples Republic of China - 大兴区

A short documentary about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men “addicted” to the Internet.

The Umbrella Man

Location: United States of America - Dallas

On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explores the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the […]


Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars

Director Robert Greenwald investigates the impact of U.S. drone strikes at home and abroad through more than 70 separate interviews.

A Year of Recovery After Hurricane Sandy

A video portrait of four neighborhoods struggling in the aftermath of the 2012 storm.

Breathtaking POV video shows Stratos jump in full length

The amazing video shows the jump from several perspectives including point of view.

Pyongyang Postcard

Location: North Korea - Pyongyang

Find out how North Korea creates the carefully choreographed image it wants to present, but what’s life really like in the ‘hermit kingdom’?


Location: United States of America

Consumerism has become the cornerstone of the post-industrial age. Yet how much do we know about it and what it is doing to us?

MIA documentary director leaks teaser – then quits project

The upcoming documentary about artist M.I.A. may not see the light of day anytime soon.

The Story of The Weeping Camel

Location: Mongolia

When a Mongolian nomadic family’s newest camel colt is rejected by its mother, a musician is needed for a ritual to change her mind. (Best European Doc Film 2003)

Why don’t we do it in the Road


A lyrical portrait of one of London’s most peculiar tourist attractions – a humble pedestrian crossing in 
St John’s Wood.

Las Calles Hablan – Street Art

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Las Calles Hablan is a story about discovering a hidden world, an extraordinary subculture and the struggle between an artistic community painting for freedom of expression and an increasingly restrictive […]

KKK – Inside the Ku Klux Klan

Location: United States of America

The KKK has had a surge in popularity, mostly because of the US’s first black president. The Klan claim to have softened, but can an organisation racist to its core […]

Internet Archive

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Location: United States of America - San Francisco

Archive is a documentary focused on the future of long-term digital storage, the history of the Internet and attempts to preserve its contents on a massive scale.