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Diminishing Ray of Hope

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Location: Sri Lanka - Negombo

We explore how the demand for manta gill plates is threatening the existence of one of the most graceful marine species.

Keys to Crowdfunding Success: Pitch, Proactive, Audience

Get insights how to setup your crowdfunding campaign to reach your goals. Valuable tips from Indiegogo Founder Danae Ringelmann.

The Rise of Competitive Gaming & E-Sports

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Born out of arcade tournaments and LAN parties, the world of competitive gaming is now entering a mature phase, featuring major global events attended by thousands and watched by millions […]

The Overview Effect – An Experience that transforms Astronauts’ Perspective of the Planet


The film is documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

Tricking kids when taking photos of them just got easier

Smartphone Holder for Child Photos helps getting a good picture.

Jay-Z Concert Documentary and his Chat with nice Lady in Subway

Location: United States of America - New York City

A behind the scenes look at the creation of JAY Z’s Barclays Center opening concerts.

The Future of Food: From Microsoft to Modernist Cuisine


The film takes you out of the laboratory and into the kitchen to meet Canadian culinary champ Marc Lepine and Microsoft’s former Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold.

Future Learning – Unlock the Learning Potential of Young Minds

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To arm them with the relevant, timeless skills for our rapidly changing world, we need to revolutionize what it means to learn.

CAPITAL C – A Documentary on Crowdfunding seeks Funding (plus Filmmaker Interview) UPDATE: FUNDED!


A film about the phenomenon crowdfunding is being funded with the help of crowdfunding. So help and support it!

Jaws – Blu-Ray Restoration Documentary with Steven Spielberg

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Documentary on the restoration services on the new print of “Jaws”. Director Steven Spielberg starts with the original negative of the film and you can see how painstaking the visual […]

Mr. Button

Location: Italy - Milan

Mr. Button retains a collection of clothing and memorabilia that all the big boys of past and present fashion – from Gianni Versace and Karl Lagerfeld to Miuccia Prada and […]

Internet Rising

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A digi-documentary investigating the evolving relationships between the Internet and collective consciousness of humanity. It provokes many questions about ancient and modern paradoxes of life, its pleasures and pains…

How to create subtitles/closed captions for films and videos


In order to really reach a global audience it is very important to offer subtitles. We show you how to do so and what apps to use.