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The story of the extremely unique Jody Pendarvis and his 30 foot UFO he built in his front yard in the small town of Bowman, SC. After a sighting of […]

This fine piece of art tells the story of the wah wah effect pedal, from its invention in 1966 to the present day. Musicians, engineers, and historians discuss the impact […]

DreamWorks first personal art publication, Moonshine, was conceived as an opportunity to highlight the breath of artistic development talent at DreamWorks. This short documentary gives you a sneak peek into […]

War is hell, but for Hollywood it has been a Godsend, providing the perfect dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts and minds of the movie going public.

Simon Leventhal, a dentist in New Jersey for 30 years, is an accomplished amateur photographer who has photographed nature and animals in the wild.


We proudly present this fascinating documentary about the outstanding project Fesnojiv. Mata Tigre illustrates how music transforms the lives of youths in Venezuela. The film tells five stories that take […]

What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era? How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership in art? How does micropatronage change the way artists produce and […]

Creativity isn’t magic. Part three of this four-part series explores how innovations truly happen.

Duffy together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan is recognized as one of the innovators of “documentary” fashion photography, a style which revolutionized fashion imagery and furthermore the fashion industry.

Bruce Gilden is best known for his merciless and indiscriminate use of the flash on the street. His major tool for his portraits is spontaneity.

Daren built a giant homemade camera, it shoots on 14×36-inch negatives and uses x-ray film instread of photografic film. This doc shows some insights how he did that.

Justine Frischmann looks at the leading man in Hollywood homes – Richard Neutra. His elegant Californian architecture from the 1930s and 40s now command huge prices. Yet while some are […]

A short documentary by students of the Sheridan College on the art of illustration. Students, teachers and artists presents their views and thoughts.

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