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A nice documentary short about Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris. We get to know about his passion for music and his profession. He buys […]

A discussion about the past, present and future of connectivity with a mix of people including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric […]

In 2006, Amy Winehouse recorded an intimate session and interview for Irish music show “Other Voices”. Annie Mac looks back on the time Amy wowed the locals with her performances […]

Light painting dates back to Man Ray, but contemporary photographers are taking the practice of “painting light” onto long-exposure photographs to a new level.

80 Impression illustrates the diverse, personal, and emotional role that technology plays in the everyday Visual Life of two young Chinese wedding photographers – Kitty and Lala.

As one of Japan’s last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword.

From sapling to violin. How wood is crafted into emotion generating music. A film with no language barrier.

America has a long tradition of handmade arts and crafts. In the manufacturing age, however, much of this work was overshadowed by the homogenizing force of retail culture. But the […]

The street is a space where art thrives, and a place where artists can shape the public aesthetic. Olek, a sculpture who knits, and Swoon, a mixed media artist, disrupt […]

Video games are more important than they seem. They are a storytelling medium, a place for self-expression. The age-old tradition of gaming teaches us strategy, maneuvering, and the importance of […]

Idiosyncratic, intelligent and involving, Iceland: Beyond Sigur Rós (2011), a not-for-profit film production, is a memorable celebration of Iceland’s dynamic and diverse contemporary independent music scene.

One million tower re-imagines the urban landscape, with the magic of cinema, architecture, animation and cutting-edge open-source web technology to transform a dilapidated highrise neighbourhood into a vibrant resident-led community. […]

Peek into a day of John Lasseter, creator of many famous computer animated films like Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monster Inc and many more. Lasseter first job […]

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