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One Millionth Tower – High-Rise – Interactive Documentary (HTML5, WebGL)

One millionth tower re-imagines a universal thread of our global urban fabric — the dilapidated highrise neighbourhood. Over a billion of us live in vertical homes, and most are falling into disrepair. A group of highrise residents, together with architects, re-envisions their vertical homes, then animators & computer programmers magically bring their sketches to life in this documentary for the contemporary web-browser.

The result of this unique collaboration is a lush, visual story unfolding in a 3D virtual environment. Visitors explore how participatory urban design can transform spaces, places and minds. Additional Features include behind the scenes documentary videos and a spectacular interactive feature which takes users to highrise neighbourhoods in almost any country in the world, thanks to Google Streetview and satellite imagery. It’s based on our own original reseach to find and understand highrise communities in every country around the world. One Millionth Tower is a story with global implications about how, with the power of imagination, we can transform the urban and virtual spaces that belong to all of us.

See and be part of this outstanding interactive documentary here.

Duration: 06:54
Country: Canada
Language: EN
CC available: EN, FR
Resolution max: 1080p
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: NFB
Published on: 2011-11-06
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Ø Rating: 1.00