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Naked Conversations with Nude Women

Nude women talk about woman, body, equality and science. Emulating goddess mythology and iconic paintings of reclining female nudes, dozens of contemporary nude women discuss a future world without men or at least one in which women have achieved perfect equality with men in every sphere of life.

This is a “pilot” directed, written and produced by Thomas Lundy of Lundoxia Pictures.

  • Neil

    Deep. Diderot must be straining for the meaning.

    OK! Deserved sarcasm aside. Surely there are more deserving voices with non-cliched thoughts and who prefer to drape their bodies, in a one finger gesture to the man who produced this gratuitous nonsense!

  • robbie

    I fapped.

    • MM


  • Aphex

    Although the insights are fairly cliched the film raises some OK points. However, if babies could be made without the male’s sperm, and also outside of the womb then women might also become obsolete. Another contradiction is the sense of an innate difference between male and female, which becomes blurred when the women who are featured in the film slip between their biology and gender references. If there is a biological difference in relation to nurturing this challenges the strive for equal paternity and maternity balance in relation Government legislation. Personally I believe women are biologically more suited to raise children, and as such it’s difficult for them to retain the same drive as men when the children are born. Despite exceptions men are also chemically more driven over a longer period of time than women, so if we want to live in a meritocracy it’s hard to see how there can be a 50/50 divide in high ranking jobs that require considerable time. The foundational years are arguably more important for children, so maybe the most dangerous disequilibrium is the mother not spending enough time with the child. The child is then not experiencing the encapsulating love that a mother can provide. Although this is generalising I believe that from a utilitarian perspective the woman is better suited to this process than men. Biologically suited to raise happy and caring children who will hopefully emulate this love in society. On the other hand there needs to be more open systems of Government that can account for an equal balance, as men are too aggressive. I would argue that in Governance women should be mainly in charge, as along with their chemical difference to men, also have a more vested interest in their children’s future. More of an attachment to humanity, as they give birth to it.

  • Hyungnam

    modern women are scumbags.

Duration: 10:09
Language: EN
Resolution max: 480p
Video Source: Vimeo
Provided by: Thomas Lundy (Lundoxia)
Published on: 2011-05-29
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Ø Rating: 2.53