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Zeitgeist: The Movie – 2007

Zeitgeist: The Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph. It asserts a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, including the Christ myth theory, alternative theories for the parties responsible for the September 11th attacks and that bankers manipulate the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power.

The history of "Zeitgeist: The Movie" is not what many assume. The original Zeitgeist was actually not a "film", but a performance piece, which consisted of a vaudevillian style multi-media event using recorded music, live instruments and video. The event was given over a 6-night period in New York City and then, without any interest to professionally release or produce the work, was "tossed" up on the Internet arbitrarily. The work was never designed as a film or even a documentary in a traditional sense – it was designed as a creative, provoking, emotionally driven expression, full of artistic extremity and heavily stylized gestures. However, once online, an unexpected flood of interest began to generate. Within 6 months over 50 Million views were recorded on Google Video counters (before they were reset for some reason). The current combined estimates put the number of Internet views at over 100 million as of 2009. Suddenly "Zeitgeist" the event, became "Zeitgeist: The Movie".

  • Look

    Wow, friends and family told me to watch this 3 years ago.  Instead, thinking that it might be propaganda, I did my own research.  I'm glad I did it this way.  I believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, and alot of other things that people don't accept.  But this film is bullshit propaganda filled with bullshit opinions.  Next.

  • Look

    I wrote that top comment.  After watching this.  I completely disagree with the Me from 3 minutes in.  It does start out feeling like heavy propaganda, although the scenes make me want to click away, I kept watching it anyway.  There are so many quotes and facts here that it is staggering.  I apologize for my ignorance, prostrate myself before all who see this, and beg forgiveness for holding attributes when I wrote that, of which I never wish came fourth because I am a good person.  Good night.

  • Me

    Amazing Documentary.  Everyone in the world needs to see this. 

  • Steve

    Recommending this to everyone I know.

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