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Spain’s Secret Conflict with Catalonia

A documentary about the struggle of the state of Catalonia within Spain. Packed with lot of insights, interviews and data. What are the reasons and arguments for the conflict?

  • CD

    I would not dare to call this a documentary. This is clearly a propaganda piece for Catalan nationalism. Or does the repeated likening of the situation of the Catalans in Spain to the suffering of the European Jews 80 years ago only strike me as an insulting hyperbole?

    • Albert

      This “repeated likening” you say seems to me nothing but that of your own inferring from one, maybe two things you’ve heard in the documentary. First, a moment of modest analogy already delivered as a personal impression by Natthew Tree. The second one might be the term ‘polaco’ (Polish) mentioned in the documentary by a Spaniard. It’s a slang term in Spain that dates back to different moments of the XVIII and XIX centuries. The curious thing is that after World War II the derogative term ‘polaco’ acquires new connotations and nevertheless its use increases in the deliberate and stupid attempt of making it a derogative synonym for ‘Catalan’. It was very much repeated in Spain during the late 80s and 90s by the neo-nazi and far right groups who reacted against the development of rights in Catalonia.

      The worst ways of propaganda are not what characterize this documentary but characteristics shown within itself. Evidently, YOU perceive that and then make a bold “projection”, not differently than a neo-nazi who would watch a documentary on the Holocaust and then deny the facts by saying it is all “propaganda”. I say YOU think with a “propaganda-brain” with projection as a constant trick.

  • CD

    PS: Oh dear, I just found out that this "documentary" was actually ordered by a Catalan pro-independence platform called Sobirania i Progrés. They're quite proud of it. Link in Catalan only, sorry.

  • Misspaparruchas

    Might be considered just "propaganda", even could be that was ordered…. but it shows quite well nowadays reality. The fact is that some of the comments in the documentary shows by themselves what the problem is. I am Catalan and I do feel Spanish too. I am perfectly fluent in Spanish and Catalan and have been working here and even abroad. How can they say that catalan's have a problem while trying to work in the rest of Spain due to  the language… they are the one's doing a false "propaganda", it's a shame.

  • charlie

    OK, now think about it:
    Let's pretend that Texas or Florida might declare that they do not want to be part of the USA anymore.  Why?  Well, they think they are pretty unique…so why keep being Americans!  So you are there in vacation and when you talk to them in English, they respond in Texan, or Floridian..  Would it be reasonable?  How would you feel about it?  Will it become a national trend?  Does it hurt?
    Thanks to all.

    • johnny

      OK you did not understand anything… Keep on trying. ;D

      • charlie

        Thanks Johnny!  I'll try to understand why Catalans (maybe you are one) have that strong complex of inferiority.  Probably if they got their dreamed independence, they will feel they are not what they really are: simple provincial folks with grandeur dreams.
        They have good cuisine by the way..
        Keep on trying as well, my friend.

        • Guest

           People like you make me hate to be American charlie. Naive, uneducated, and an asshole… man you must love your football haww!?

        • Albert

          Complex of inferiority has nothing to do with the topic of discussion, unless inferred ‘in arguendo’, as an unrelated idea for its own sake and with a large disregard for reality. In fact, the amalgama of blind prejudice and unfounded platitudes of Spanish right-wing supporters, who make the political majority of the country, repeatedly associate Catalan identity with what would be a complex of superiority. But again, these trying-to-be-insidious platitudes are, well, they succeed in been insidious, but are irrelevant in a democratic debate and, above all, are false.

          Now you say you’re trying to understand the Catalans. Well I say you are not. Counsel is, try harder. Miles and miles harder.

    • Albert

      You’re just making up an illogical comparison, using irrational thinking that pretends to be otherwise. Linguistically speaking, the English language has of course variation, but there are no such things as a Texan and a Floridian languages, are there? In Spain there are three native languages, each with their own range and variation: Spanish, Catalan and Basque.

  • Ino

    This video represented very well the situation in spain today, one country in decline.

    Sorry my english

    Un saludo desde Andalusia


    freedom to all who seek it…..and failure to those who oppose it…..

  • esther.b.

    It’s curious that the situation is still exactly the same in 2013 hahahhh something makes me think it won’t laste much longer… //*// Thanks for the video, thank you very much.

  • tattiana salles

    Spain will be the next Yugoslavia soon…

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Published on: 2011-05-29
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Ø Rating: 4.13