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Beautiful Liverpool

We travel to England’s northwest, Liverpool, Europe’s capital of beauty. There are more gyms and tanning salons per head here than anywhere else in the UK. In episode one of Beautiful Liverpool, we meet tan-obsessed Carolyn who’s willing to inject herself with chemicals to alter the colour of her skin. We also meet model-turned-local-celebrity, Amanda Harrington, as well as Serena Sophia whose modelling is helping the fallen soldiers of the Afghan war.

Subtitles available (english, dutch, french), click CC in video

For the second episode of the series, we meet Liverpool’s “King of Bling”, Herbert Howe, a local celebrity hairdresser. As he does the columnist/model Jade Ainsworth’s hair, he talks of the changing face of the Liverpool beauty industry. We then visit Glam n Glitter, a special boutique in Crosby, offering cosmetic surgery. Here, we are exposed to Liverpool’s obsession with hair extensions, while back at the hotel; Carolyn is getting ready to take her injection…

For the third episode of Beautiful Liverpool, we are at the Mr Liverpool contest at The Plaza. The fashion designer Matt Fisher is one of the hopeful contestants. As he gets ready for the contest, we follow him through his suit-fitting, tan-spraying, and training sessions. We then meet Amanda Harrington for a behind-the-scenes photo shoot. Later, an ex-steroid user meets us at his home to talk about his steroid addiction. For this episode, we are also introduced to steroid-fuelled muscle men who pump up their guns and tan themselves for a bodybuilding contest.

In the fourth episode of Beautiful Liverpool, we meet Amanda Moss and Jade Ainsworth. Moss is the editor of Liverpool’s Lifestyle Monthly and Ainsworth writes a fashion column for the mag. We watch them get ready as Moss hosts a party at her house for the local elite. Meanwhile, Miss Liverpool contestant, Serena is getting ready for the competition.

In the finale of Beautiful Liverpool, the drug expert Martin Chandler discusses Melanotan abuse. While he talks about how it is impossible to pin down how widespread its usage is, Carolyn shows us how to administer a tanning injection. Meanwhile, the final of Mr and Miss Liverpool 2010 is approaching.

Duration: 58:06
Country: United Kingdom
City: Liverpool
Language: EN
CC available: EN
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Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: VICE
Published on: 2012-03-20
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Ø Rating: 4.50