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The perfect Vagina

In the past five years, private health sectors have reported a 300 per cent increase in individuals seeking vaginal cosmetic surgery, for both aesthetic and cultural purposes. Lisa Rogers sets out to discover why so many British women, including girls as young as 16, are so ill at ease with their own labias, and attempts to find a less drastic alternative to going under the knife.

In this honest, witty and compassionate film Lisa Rogers tries to find out why more and more women are considering vaginal surgery for either aesthetic or cultural reasons.

Heather Leads and Lisa Rogers decided to make this film when they found out about the huge amount of vaginal surgery that is performed (4 parts, skip the breaks).

  • Ajh44

    I think this documentary was brave, real and more than helpful!….I totally agree about the magazines "designer vagina"…making us feel as though we are abnormal when in fact its the women on those pages that need to be seen as abnormal. I really appreciated this film- Thank you so much x

  • Ellis D.

    I can't believe such a procedure exists, let alone young girls or adult women who think it's necessary to make their pretties prettier.  As a 59 yr. old man, I've seen my share and all of them looked just the way God wanted them to….. His gift to men.  The variety of their looks, simply said, makes them even more appealing and enjoyable.  It sorta makes me think about anorexic women who are actually too thin and convince themselves that they are fat.  All you need is a warm smile, a friendly demeanor and an acute ability to make good choices.

  • Apc107

    The argument in this film could be viewed as a kind of double standard. I, in no way, am saying this is something that women SHOULD endure or be made to think they must undergo it to secure a relationship, but neither should male circumcision yet many mothers will put thir sons through the surgery and many women “prefer the look” of a cut penis. A cut or uncut penis can be a relationship maker or breaker. Where is the difference? Are we saying it is ok to take a scalpel to a man’s genitalia but not a woman’s?

  • roosterdoodledoo

    Come on gals! What you’re talking about is called a vulva. The Vagina is inside, out of sight and is separate from the labia that seem to cause all the concern.

  • Martin Boulger

    I’m not at all surprised by what came out in this interesting and well presented documentary. This isn’t really about vaginas it’s about our insecurities. Very few young people are confident about themselves and try to fit in, try to gain “self” confidence by approval and respect from others instead of finding it inside themselves. These insecurities often continue through people’s lives. As a near 50 year old man I’ve learned to accept my own body but struggled as most of us do in our teens. How do we learn self confidence at a much earlier age? Is it a job for our parents or is it unattainable? The Muslim girls have many other, terrible pressures and I think that the cultural double standard is so ingrained that I can’t see how it can ever be surmounted.

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Published on: 2011-05-18
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Ø Rating: 4.51