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Detroit Lives – Johnny Knoxville explores the new D

The Motor City has been declared dead more times than Rasputin. But over the last few years, while The News Media (and Dutch tourists) were hemming and hawing over a few neglected streets that had started to look more like meadows, a bunch of creative badasses were quietly buying abandoned 9-story buildings, filling them with everyone they knew, and making Detroit actually pretty incredible. Johnny Knoxville paid a visit to the D to explore for himself.

  • Info

    We each see what we want to see. These people saw something and made it happen. I see at this is what happens when corporation abandon a city. The people make come alive to their own perspective. I hope this is a lesson on what we should be investing in , people and not corporations. 

  • silver

    Really cool to see the city redefining itself. Curious what the city will be in 5 years..

  • Bonatz007

    Drive to the out side towns nothing but money. D town is fine give it time

  • Detroiter

    I was annoyed that so much time was given to the “disaster porn” and we only see the inside of the Russell facility for like 30 seconds. It was nice to see the improvements but they seemed to be glossed over for extended period in an abandoned buildings.

  • A city of welfare artists, I LOVE IT

  • The train station reminds me a lot of the equally derelict Buffalo Central Terminal

Duration: 30:35
Country: United States
City: Detroit
Language: EN
Video Source: Ooyala
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Ø Rating: 4.66