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China’s juggernaut economy is the envy of the world, but at what cost to the country’s people and environment?

What healing properties does a sweet lake possess? How can you wash clothes in a lake without soap? Can a lake serve as a salt reserve?

A look at the impact of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters on the world economy.

Jellyfish Lake is located on Eli Malk island in the Republic of Palau. Twelve thousand years ago these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island when the […]

Take an astounding look at the red planet in this interplanetary adventure realized with animations, interviews, archive footage and more.

Pig Hunting! The real story behind why blokes go pig hunting.

A short film about a post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea.

In the Yungas region in Bolivia, jungle and steep cliffs, people do not walk – they fly. These bird men are known as ‘cocaleros’, coca harvesters. They use ropes to […]

This short documentary looks at the initial theories behind the effectiveness of fluoride and where it originated. It goes on to show the lack of science behind the use of […]

The Story of Cosmetics examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo.

Sennen Cove is on the dangerous southwest coast of England, where more shipwrecks happen than anywhere else in the country. For centuries, volunteers have risked their lives to save stricken […]

Oscar-winning short film on the need for nuclear disarmament. This short film is comprised of a lecture given to students by outspoken nuclear critic Dr. Helen Caldicott, president of Physicians […]

In March 2011 Ben Saunders sets out to reach the Geographic North Pole solo and unsupported, and aims to break the North Pole speed record in the process.

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