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Taiwan doesn’t seem to have learned Fukushima’s lessons. They’ve built a power plant 40 km from an active faultline and 8km from the capital Taipei; and experts say a disaster […]

Photoshop has completely revolutionized our visual culture. Artists now use Photoshop to create complex imagery that would have been impossible 20 years ago.

Stun-gun company Taser want to make ‘Cops’ on steroids, but who does it serve?

How to dispose of nuclear waste is an issue that’s divided opinion for years

Though there are plenty of destructive hackers in the world, there have always been people who hack with a different purpose.

Is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter a super fighter or a massive waste of money?

This is a story about the rapid evolution of a technology that has forced the American legal system to play catch up.

Beijing Silvermine is a unique photographic portrait of the capital and the life of its inhabitants following the Cultural Revolution.

Details of Curiosity’s discovery of ancient conditions in Yellowknife Bay in Mars’ Gale Crater

Two years after the tsunami, the consequences of the nuclear disaster continue to define the residents’ lives.

New companies herald 3D Printing as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, but how will these printers truly affect our society?

A documentary crew followed photographer Steve McCurry to document the momentous last 36 frames that would ever be shot on that film.

Get the ultimate tour of Air Force One and meet the presidential pilot and the crew.

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