On a warm summer morning in 1958, Esquire magazine editors arranged a meeting of jazz musicians to pose for a “class photo” in front of a Harlem brownstone for the […]

True fame, this documentary tells us, is when people only need someone’s last name to know exactly whom they’re talking about. Even after the adaption by musician Brian Hugh Warner […]

This short documentary directed by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari (for their “California is a place” project, which covers different aspects of the Golden State) is a charming and touching […]

Werner Herzog is working on a documentary feature focusing on death row inmates. He explores the legacy of a triple homicide in Texas interviewing the victims’ families and those convicted […]

Find a nice selected collection of tutorials on how to make a documentary film. You can use them for free, all you need is a lot of time and you […]

Austrian director Stefan Bohun presents moving examples of how music – especially classical music – is impacting young people’s lives in Venezuela.

“The more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be.” And insecurity took up a huge part in the life of Amy Winehouse, one of the greatest singers […]

The summer of 1997 remains famous for three things (when looking at Great Britain at least): the inauguration of the Labour Party and Tony Blair as their protagonist of hope, […]

Fake documentaries aka Mockumentaries & Pseudo-Documentaries. The documentary genre is as old as the history of the movies – the first images put to film weren’t exactly “art stuff” but […]

Terre Nash directed this wonderful, Academy Award winning short film about the threats of nuclear war. “If you Love This Planet” combines a lecture by Dr. Helen Caldicott, a nuclear […]

Interactive elements in web-documentaries have become more popular recently. Joel Ronez from talkes about their plans on interactive docs.

This entertaining and moving documentary presented by Lisa Rogers follows a special kind of business: genital plastic surgery in the UK. Rogers intends to find out why more and more […]

In our new section “Talk with the Filmmakers” we present interviews that deliver insight in the working methods of documentarists all over the world. Young Austrian Director Stefan Bohun realized […]