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Throughout the Arab Spring the narrative of democratic change sweeping through the Arab world played well in the international media.

At the beginning of this year, the Cuban government took a dramatic step away from its socialist policies of the past to break new ground: it began privatising its economy […]

It’s been 68 years since the first case of autism was diagnosed. For decades it was considered a rare disorder but in a single generation, autism has become one of […]

Clearing the thousands of mines left in the war-torn villages of Sri-Lanka is a dangerous and demanding job for those that have been assigned with the responsibility of doing it.

Globally we are eating more fish than ever before and demand is growing. With the world’s ocean fishing stocks at breaking point and trawler fleets fishing further, longer and deeper, […]

Australia has unveiled one of the world’s most ambitious schemes to tackle climate change.

In April 2011, the sovereign papal state at the heart of Rome, introduced new rules to clean up its financial system. At the heart of that system is the Vatican’s […]

Fifty years after the Berlin Wall was erected, the spectre of the Stasi continues to loom over Germany. On August 13, 1961, 50 years ago this month, the Berlin Wall […]


The filmmakers believe that College education is the largest scam in U.S. history. College education is just an industry like the automotive industry and therefore you should not be part […]

Watch exclusive clips from the fantatstic series “Human Planet” from the BBC in stunning 1080p. Human Planet is an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series that marvels at mankind’s incredible relationship […]

Pacha Khan, a 25 year old, from the Logar province in Afghanistan says he is ready to become a human bomb and kill foreigners in his country.

Colombia’s former FARC guerrillas must live with the regrets of their past and the deadly temptations of the present.

The richest 1% of US Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country’s income and control an astonishing 40% of its wealth. Inequality in the US is more extreme than […]

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