The next big thing from Apple

Written by Hannes Kreuzer
Published on December 3, 2012

Some reasons why we believe this gadget could be the next big deal from Cupertino.

Interestingly enough most of Apple’s new and innovative devices have existed before on the market: Think of phones, tablets, set-top-boxes, etc.  Also the markets seemed often to be saturated. Remember the phones market? With Nokia clearly at number one spot? Not many companies would think of entering obviously saturated market with little growth rates. But Apple is different. It is not about the sole product, but about their whole ecosystem. Also their strength is and was always to create innovative products in terms of design and function. Best example would be the iPhone and iPad, both gadgets that existed before but the way we use them has significantly changed.

Now, what could be the next big thing? With AppleTV they try to enter the home-entertainment segment, more or less successful. A new TV-set from Apple is awaited nearly every year. But it did not come to life (yet). Desktop computers sales decrease so nothing to expect here. They hold a very good position in mobile computing and communication; we can expect “enhanced updates”.

But there is one market that would fit perfectly to Apple: Cameras. Why?

  • They have a lot of experience with devices that include cameras.
  • Due to limited size of the Phones the lenses are just too small for really high quality images.
  • They have experience in developing apps in this field.
  • They have a perfect ecosystem with the iCloud for sharing and storing content.
  • Creative people love adore the brand. Products of Apple have always been very successful with creative people: Photographers, animators, filmmakers, designers and many more
  • The combination of hard- and software in cameras will become essential in this market.
  • Semi-pro/pro devices like GoPro are booming. Market research firm IDC estimates GoPro’s 2011 revenue at $250 million, on sales of 800,000 cameras worldwide. Makes it the fastest growing camera company.
  • Although margins seem to be low for digital cameras, Apple can again proof to be better.
  • Recording and sharing of all kind of audiovisual media is extremely booming (Instragram, YouTube, !!, etc.)
  • Android powered devices already presented by Nikon and Samsung.

Digital cameras is a “not to miss” business for Apple and with their expertise in design and function I really believe they can come up with something that surprises us again. Just think of a camera that includes all the nice possibilities of an operating system like iOS with customized hardware. Once again, Apple wouldn’t be the first on the market, Samsung and Nikon already presented Android powered cameras.

Apple already had a camera in its portfolio from 1996-97: The QuickTake 200 manufactured by Fujifilm. But it was no success and stopped by Steve Jobs when he returned to Apple.

Let’s wait and see.