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Elderly Incorporated

Josh Rushing investigates the growing business of elderly care, and travels throughout the US to find out what happens when corporations put profits before people.

With an aging population in the United States, one the great growth industries is care for the elderly. With billions of dollars supplied by Medicare, the only barrier to profit is how little service is provided to the senior citizens trapped in a very, poorly regulated industry which is usually neglected by state governments and their corrupt bureaucrats.

Fault Lines looks at individual cases which should be classed as criminal neglect but because of a very, thin line of inspection and criminal investigation, the operators of nursing homes get away the poorest service, resulting in the horrible deaths and widespread mistreatment of residents.

Very lucrative and ever sensitive to accusations, the industry has cloaked itself in a complex tangle of ownership which is almost impossible to penetrate while the investment honchos running this scheme profits immensely.

Meanwhile, people who expect to live their final days in dignity die in misery, often alone, or with relatives so horrified by what happened, they can bear to look at how their loved ones died.

Duration: 24:36
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Published on: 2013-11-19
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