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A Letter From Fred

A short documentary telling a poignant story of life, love and music. “Oh Sweet Lorraine” An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old´.

A 96-year-old Illinois man wrote a song about his wife of 75 years and when he sent the heart-wrenching ode into a singer-songwriter contest, they decided to produce it for him.
When Fred Stobaugh talks about his wife Lorraine now, it’s hard for him to hold back tears after the life they led together he says was ‘like a dream.’

After she died, he was sitting alone in the Peoria home they once shared and for the first time in his life he decided to write a song.

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  • ForeverHopeful

    A wonderful example of how a real and true love in its glorious simplicity leads us on a path of happiness and to the contentment in life that we all seek.

    How sad that the generations of today talk of this dream forever chasing it, but knowing its missing no matter how hard we work to live, filling our lives with material things always wanting bigger and better, climbing the ladder of class and possession while sinking ourselves instead deeper into the dark places we cant escape from.
    I mourn the loss for myself and my children, of what Fred and Lorraine shared for 75 yrs!
    Remember ladies…it is not the size of the rock a man gives you, but rather how big the heart of the man who gifts it, and for you men…., you will not be remembered for the trophy of physical beauty you escort on your arm, but for the inner beauty of spirit, and strength of character received from a woman who bears your children and supports you, as you build the legacy to pass onto your future generations

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Country: United States
City: East Peoria
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Published on: 2013-08-27
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Ø Rating: 4.80