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Despite the country’s rapid economic growth, many young Chinese are growing disillusioned as they struggle to find jobs.

Every third malnourished child in the world is from India, so what is the government doing to feed its millions?

In part 3, we take a look at the claims corporate sponsors are using as a PR stunt to cover up their checkered environmental and humanitarian pasts.

The film investigates alleged violations of environmental standards by a key sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A film about a destroyed country that will soon to be worse once the UN leaves. We travel to West Africa to rummage through the messy remains of a country […]

China is cultivating a new wave of visionaries but faces allegations of unfair trade practices and intellectual piracy.

Decades of unchecked mass tourism has left Indonesia’s resort of island of Bali – known as the Island of the Gods – with a host of problems including over-development, mountains […]


In May 2011, married environmental activists Zé Cláudio Ribeiro and Maria do Espirito Santo were shot to death outside their house in the Amazonian state of Para. A month later […]

Warlords, soldiers, and child laborers all toil over a mineral you’ve never even heard of. Coltan is a conflict mineral in nearly every cell phone, laptop, and electronic device. It’s […]

With the 2012 UEFA European Championship around the corner, Ukraine finds itself in the world’s spotlight. But with its poor human rights record and widespread corruption should it be co-hosting […]


A two hour long documentary to tackle the issues of the economic and financial system from a UK-perspective. Plus it tries to explain the inner workings of Central Banks and […]

One indigenous tribe is engaged in a life and death struggle against the big business interests flooding their land.

Second Part of KONY 2012 released: “Beyond Famous” tries to silence Criticism.

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