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Lionel Mill’s film has unique access to Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, one of the rulers of the rich, powerful and secretive Saudi royal family.

“Land of Whispers” invites you to visit arguably the most unique and isolated travel destination in the world – not to criticize, but to observe and listen.

East Timor is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Its only economic hope for the future lies in massive reserves of oil and gas in the Timor Sea.

The only TV doc to have advance access to the biggest Wikileaks release ever.

Listen to the previously unreleased audio recording of Private First Class Bradley Manning’s speech to the military court

More than 1 million people have left Moldavia to find work abroad, often illegally and in lowly paid jobs.

Traveling from tea parties in Texas to “Oath Keeper” rallies in Massachusetts, the film investigates whether the country is actually on the verge of the 2nd Revolutionary Wa

Why does the Western world feed Africa with one hand while taking from it with the other?

It was a long and bitter race that cost at least $2.5bn, but were American voters presented with a real choice?


Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their own stories, but the “The Choice 2012,” goes far beyond the headlines on a journey […]

In Myanmar the Kachin people are fighting a life-or-death struggle for autonomy.

Sebastian Walker travels to the Republican and Democratic Conventions and asks what the spectacle is worth.

ABC Australia follows the complex twists and turns of the entire Assange case.

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