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What does China sacrifice in its relentless pursuit of gold?

Just in time Vice magazine takes an in-depth look at the British public’s reaction to The Games coming to London this summer and the negative impact it’s having on certain […]

With the possible exception of their most fervent supporters, few people would have expected the match between Unione Sportiva Cremonese and Pagenese to be anything special. But it set off […]

Rajat Mittal has found that the deep catch stroke, resembling a paddle, has the edge over sculling, the bent-arm, propeller-inspired motion.

From jumpers who have made a career from the skydive industry, to some of the best skydivers in the world. Why they jump and how it feels are given a […]

In October 2011, more than 600 climbers gathered for Petzl RocTrip China. All participants discovered and enjoyed more than 250 brand new pitches on unbelievable limestone especially prepared for the […]

With the 2012 UEFA European Championship around the corner, Ukraine finds itself in the world’s spotlight. But with its poor human rights record and widespread corruption should it be co-hosting […]

We travel to England’s northwest, Liverpool, Europe’s capital of beauty. There are more gyms and tanning salons per head here than anywhere else in the UK.

An up-to-date look at Britain’s most impassioned and notorious sporting rivalry. After the passing of a new government bill criminalising sectarian abuse at football matches, and with Rangers on the […]

“Birdman” Jeb Corless was crashing into Table Mountain, South Africa while doing a flyby for an HBO documentary. He then tumbled through the air and attempted to deploy his parachute […]

New Year’s Day 2012, Marina Bay Sands has been chosen as the venue to the largest basejumping attempt in Singapore.

The Experience Freedom Journey will take you through the world of skydiving and Base Jumping in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world.

Scuba diver Peter Trayhurn shares his life changing day when he and his buddy got lost at sea, 8 miles/8km off the Australien east coast. Pictures from his camera show […]

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