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Big Vinny – The Celebrity Car Salesman

Once upon a time, he was a local celebrity. He earned his nickname after doing a tv commercial for a Round Table pizza named The Big Vinny. For over twenty years, he was the face and voice of a successful used car business in small town Alameda. He sold and he sold and he sold and Californians drove away happy. Today, everything has changed. The business is dead. The lots sit empty. Big Vinny is out of work. But he still remembers the good times.

  • Dave

    Enjoyed Rich's sharing HIS perspective of our business………however after 34 years doing the same and training others, owning my own store, I cannot agree with his comments, "you are born with the talent – or not" and even comparing selling difficulties to "The Office of The President"! After training many to be successful selling vehicles, I feel you either work smart – or not. That is the difference. It is simply a numbers game as ALL successful salesmen know. And rejection(s) are used as positives; not negative. Good luck to Rich and his future. The computer has changed our business majorly and you either learn and grow or go down the hallways of Rich and many others. 

    • Apple Jack

      you maybe right in some respect, but i think that vinny presents his views with a lot of humor. so you have to take his explanations with a grain of salt.

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Published on: 2011-10-28
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Ø Rating: 3.80