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Kay Kay: The Girl from Guangzhou

Kay Kay is the face of modern-day China – a bright, educated and ambitious 20-year-old living in the booming southern city of Guangzhou. She represents a new generation of middle class Chinese ‘only’ children, benefiting from China’s economic growth as well as the single-minded dedication of her factory-worker parents.

This unique film has followed her for her whole life, filming her and her family every year since her birth in 1992.

It gives a rare, personal narrative to the decades of transformation that China has undergone. From her childhood and school days through to her university life where she struggles to get to grips with China’s economic imperatives in the face of environmental issues.

Kay Kay is a charming, engaging guide to modern China, its people and the country’s recent economic boom.

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Duration: 47:37
Country: Peoples Republic of China
Language: EN
Resolution max: 720p
Video Source: Dailymotion
Provided by: Al Jazeera English
Published on: 2013-02-28
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
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Ø Rating: 4.89