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Sacrifice: A Slaughterhouse Documentary

A short documentary film detailing the process of halal live animal slaughter. An exploration of man-made transformation.

Explicit content, viewer discretion advised.

Completed for SVA’s Social Documentary Film MFA program.

Produced, lensed and edited by Lucas P. Smith

  • snowlepard

    personally!, why the poor animals canot be stunned before slaughter puzzles me. the jewish religion carry's out, more or less the same procedure, in the name of somebody's god!

  • vegatarian

    i hate how people eat meat and dont have the balls to kill the animals they eat

    • iLoveMeat

      I hate vegatarians, I think their sissy homos.

      • Maÿr Fortuna

        They´re not only sissy morons, they are also completely inconsistent, for many of them are all for the killing of unborn babies “pro-choice abortion” where the only real “choice” is the killing of a human being.

        It seems they do not want to understand that eating livestock is transforming life into life in superior form.

        I am nonetheless all against slaughtering for fun (if one want to have some fun, go to a target practicing, or go into a fight with someone can shoot you back or, for the same purpose, get a real good knife and go test your skills against some effective nature predators, say a Polar Bear, a Lion or a Siberian Tiger), without any need to feed people. In this line of thought, hunting is a useless activity, unless you are in real need of food or to control the growing wild population of some animals that are imbalanced by natural or artificial means.

        As a final thought I state that every single abortionist should be killed on sight.

        • RespectAllLife

          Eating livestock does NOT turn life into a superior form. It makes you fat and sluggish and sick. Especially, the meat we eat nowadays. Livestock is fed mainly corn and pumped up with drugs and anitibiotics. Also, slaughtering animals alive cause severe pain and stress. These stress hormones are released into the meat. When we eat the meat, we eat everything it eat along with all the drugs like antibiotics and the stress hormones released during slaughtering. It’s disgusting, inhumane and not only is it cruel to torture animals to death, it’s also killing us to eat them. That’s the closest to revenge those poor animals will ever get. Your right wing gibberish is nonsense. At least you don’t believe in hunting for sport. I will give you a thumbs up for that! Animals shouldn’t be tortured to death to satisfy whatever crazy religious guidelines. It’s ridiculous! I’d rather be a vegetarian than contribute to this horrendous abuse. At least my conscience will be clear.

      • RespectAllLife

        You’re a jerk if you think torturing an animal to death is okay. Why don’t you go out and hunt your own meat. You would have more respect for it if you were the one having to kill, skin and clean it. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to abuse like this because you’re not the one having to do it. I don’t see how people who work in these slaughterhouses can do it. They’re either desensitized to it or like inflicting pain on innocent creatures. This is cruelty in it’s most raw form. Vegetarians are extremely strong people! A lot less of a sissy homo as an asshole like you! Hope you never end up gutted and cut up alive. I feel sorry for you! You lack empathy. One of the most basic human personality traits. You must be truly lonely inside. Maybe you will realize how wrong this kind of cruelty is and change your ways. If not, you will be missing out on so many good things you could have been a part of. Oh well. We’ll see.

  • Erich

    It’s time for humanity to rise above this kind of systematic abuse!

  • princess

    awww sad that’s so inhumane

  • Absolute crap.

    I am a Muslim. I have never seen an animal slaughtered like this before.

    1. This video shows no proof that these people were Muslim.

    2. This video did not show whether or not this is how Muslims ACTUALLY slaughter their animals.

    3. Muslims respect animals, when they slaughter them, they treat them with dignity and respect.

    4.This video is just propaganda against Muslims.

    • SmithDoc

      i can confirm that this was made in a halal slaughterhouse, as i filmed it myself. it was a student project for my master’s thesis.

      i have no idea whether or not muslims were doing the slaughtering themselves, but the people who owned the place were muslims, and the slaughterhouse was called “Halal Live Poultry”. Feel free to visit there yourself, it’s in Jamaica Queens NY, and the doors are open to anyone.

      FYI almost all small slaughterhouses in New York City are halal, or call themselves halal. Whether or not they do things properly isn’t my problem. I’m only responsible for documenting reality.

      this is not propaganda against muslims or anyone. it is simply a short observational piece about the activities at a slaughterhouse. if it angers you, those emotions are perfectly worthwhile and valuable, but don’t direct them at me. if you think that this slaughterhouse is doing things improperly, maybe you should visit it and tell them yourself how it should be done.

    • Frederik ‘Fasii’ Sørensen

      Please tell me, How do you slice open the throat on a animal while it’s still alive and conscious, with dignity and respect?
      I think your reaction is because you don’t like that fact that this shows what halal slaughter is: Barbaric and medieval.

      • Brenn

        no all halal slaughter houses are like this. Muslims respect animals so no true Muslim would do this to a animal.

        • Brenn

          *not rather than no. this mistake changes the entire meaning of the sentence.

    • Brenn

      I don’t think it was made to raise hate against Muslims (but they probably should have put something along the lines of not all halal slaughter houses are like this) but rather show how some halal slaughter houses in America aren’t slaughtering the animals properly. This does not mean ALL halal slaughter houses are like this rather just a few. People of ALL religions do this to animals.

      • SmithDoc

        i actually visited a number of slaughterhouses in new york city in order to gather material for this film -i didn’t want to misrepresent anything. frankly, all of the animals i saw slaughtered were slaughtered in this manner.

        the responsibility isn’t mine to enforce any kind of standard on slaughterhouses, nor is it to point out what they’re doing wrong, as i’m not a member of a regulatory agency -and my film is more about the process of live animal slaughter, not a pro-vegan hidden camera expose. i merely wanted to illustrate, in as intimate a fashion as possible, the process of turning animals into meat.

    • ML

      It’s done everyday.
      Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
      No one respects animals when they slaughter them you idiot.
      If they were to treat them with dignity and respect as you say, they wouldn’t be slaughtering the animals at all. And it’s not only Muslims. It’s all cultures and all races. There is NO HUMANE way to kill an animal. And there is no respect or dignity when it’s done.

  • rk

    I don’t think there is any respect involved in killing animals unnecessarily in organized slaughterhouses.Anyone can see the pain involved. When there is plenty of food grains, milk, fruits and vegetables it is simply unwarranted. Just remembered.

    “Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them. We
    live by the death of others. We are burial places! I have since an early
    age abjured the use of meat.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

  • elements

    I usually don’t mind seeing blood on TV. However, there is no way I can see this without looking away and screaming.

  • RalphVendy1


  • Jose Charriez

    The absence of narrative speaks loudly. Well done.

    • SmithDoc


  • Brenn

    why not break its neck with the knife it would take about 7 seconds for the animal to die rather than 2 minutes

    • SmithDoc

      halal style demands that the animals is slaughtered while still alive -to break the neck would instantly kill it -and it is forbidden to eat something that was slaughtered after it died.

  • kate

    Oh my god……please forgive us for all the pain and suffering we have cause……please give me the strength to protect and preserve all of ur precious creation,,,,,,please love all of us equally

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Language: EN
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Published on: 2011-02-18
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