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The Wall Street Code – High Speed Trading Documentary

A thriller about a genius algorithm builder who dared to stand up against Wall Street. Haim Bodek, aka The Algo Arms Dealer.

From the makers of the much-praised Quants: the Alchemists of Wall Street and Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box. Now the long-awaited final episode of a trilogy in search of the winners and losers of the tech revolution on Wall Street. Could mankind lose control of this increasingly complex system?

Director: Marije Meerman
Research: Gerko Wessel

  • Chris Loyst

    Very interesting doc, but falls short.

    The idea that no one can truly comprehend the market is absurd. Wealth cannot be destroyed, merely transfered. Those who benefit are the cartels, the trusts, the monopolies, duopolies, oligopolies, and ultimately the oligarchy of the world. Our ruling class has intentionally driven our economy into the ground speculating for a quick buck.

  • If the HFT’s use the information about other slower trades on the market to position their own trades, doesn’t that become similar to “insider information” ?

Duration: 50:30
Language: EN
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: vpro international
Published on: 2013-11-05
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Ø Rating: 4.71