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Films covering stories about children from around the world. From young entrepreneus to starving kids on this planet. Explore, learn and make a difference.

When an alarm goes off at Pastor Lee Jong Rak’s home in Seoul, it means another baby has been abandoned for him to look after.

As America comes to terms with the nightmare of Cleveland’s kidnapped girls, people across the country are demanding to know how three young women could be held captive in a […]

Mariana van Zeller explores the personal stories of just some of the more than 2 million college students who are also illegal immigrants and facing uncertain futures as they prepare […]

In the autumn of 1998, a profound tragedy echoed through a small Michigan farming town and twisted the well laid plans of a young prodigy in strange and inspired ways.

In the hub of Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest countries, prostitution is seen as an unavoidable means of survival.

How one homeless US family, trapped by diminished economic opportunities, is navigating through the daily challenges.

Modern technology is often blamed for a wide range of learning problems in today’s children. But are modern gadgets themselves at fault, or is it simply the way they are […]

This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily life.

This unique film has followed her for her whole life, filming her and her family every year since her birth in 1992.

Born out of arcade tournaments and LAN parties, the world of competitive gaming is now entering a mature phase, featuring major global events attended by thousands and watched by millions […]

More than 1 million people have left Moldavia to find work abroad, often illegally and in lowly paid jobs.

The internet is a powerful tool for communication, but it can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters.

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