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Films covering stories about children from around the world. From young entrepreneus to starving kids on this planet. Explore, learn and make a difference.

A lot of discussion is going on about a documentary that reached 75 million views within 7 days on YouTube. “Kony 2012 is a film that aims to make Joseph […]

Korean students have some of the highest test scores in the world, and a higher rate of acceptance into American Ivy Leagues than any other foreign country.

Manila is one of the most overpopulated places on Earth. There are over 2000 families living above the dead in the Navotas Cemetery. Babies are born and the dead are […]

In the suburbs of Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, young workers talk about their lives, existences built on a precarious balance between hope, struggles and wishes for the future.

This documentary features stories of real individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by texting behind the wheel. Texting behind the wheel appears to be a growing problem.

Ajay is 13 and a Bank Manager. But the bank he manages is a special kind of bank aimed at helping street children in India.

Hong Kong’s health and education services are being stretched to the limit by demand from mainland China.

What motivates thousands of children to take great risks smuggling themselves across the border into South Africa?

There are at least 8.4 million child slaves in the world today. Nearly two million of these are forced to work as prostitutes, while almost half a million are child […]


On July 24th 2010, more than 80.000 people from 192 countries uploaded their day to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, to create a documentary film about […]

10 hours a day! Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong. For most of us, table tennis is a game. But for the young Olympic hopefuls at the ICC […]


The filmmakers believe that College education is the largest scam in U.S. history. College education is just an industry like the automotive industry and therefore you should not be part […]

An investigation into how Vietnamese children trafficked to work in the UK’s cannabis trade are prosecuted as criminals.

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