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Korean High School

In sixty short years, South Korea went from being one of the poorest countries in Asia to having the world’s 13th largest economy. Korean students have some of the highest test scores in the world, and a higher rate of acceptance into American Ivy Leagues than any other foreign country. But Korea also leads the world in two not quite so stunning ways- the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita, and a higher suicide rate than any other developed nation.

So. What’s life like for a Korean student? In one of the most competitive societies in the world, how does one find their place? What does it take to achieve your aspirations and goals? Our documentary will take a look at the lives of five Korean teenagers on the verge of either reaching- or losing- their dreams. The film will follow the students during the most stressful time of their lives- their last year of high school. After studying for roughly sixteen hours each day, their futures boil down to one last exam. On November 10th, 2011, thousands of high school seniors will take a nine hour test that for many, will determine their economic and social status for the rest of their lives.

A Documentary (preview) by Kelley Katzenmeyer

  • JJ

    long hours of studying in high school in Asian countries is already like a culture to it. Nice video to show more real to people who watch it. I did notice that the article points out 16 hours of study each day. People might not believe it, but it is true. It is normal to study 16 hours a day “when the final exam is coming up” I can still remember the 3 years I studied starting from 7th grade in Taipei, Taiwan. It is only normal to study 10 hours “from Monday to Sunday” during spring, summer, and winter season. And 16-20 hours (20 hours a day for real) to prep for the upcoming exams.

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Published on: 2012-02-10
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Ø Rating: 4.24