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Mixed Martial Arts is now a billion-dollar industry, watched by millions on national TV.

American Escort. The world’s oldest profession is now a thriving black market economy, with an underground workforce that’s just an Internet connection and a phone call away.

A documentary about race, class, and self-righteous college students yelling at each other.

As America comes to terms with the nightmare of Cleveland’s kidnapped girls, people across the country are demanding to know how three young women could be held captive in a […]

This comprehensive report looks at key events and questions surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings.

The KKK has had a surge in popularity, mostly because of the US’s first black president. The Klan claim to have softened, but can an organisation racist to its core […]

Archive is a documentary focused on the future of long-term digital storage, the history of the Internet and attempts to preserve its contents on a massive scale.

With a reported value of over six billion dollars, it’s no secret that marijuana in British Columbia is big business.

The state of Guerrero (which means “warrior”) is one of the poorest in Mexico and the site of some of the worst violence in the battle between the drug cartels […]

Living in the depths of the New Guinea rainforest are the spectacular birds of paradise – creatures so beautiful that the first Europeans believed they must have fallen from heaven.

As countries like Greece and Spain struggle under massive debts that are impoverishing its people, the elites around the world are getting richer and richer.

Frank Catalfumo is a 91 year old shoemaker and repairer in Brooklyn. He first opened the doors in 1945 and continues to work five days a week.

After a 3 year hiatus from an MMA career, with 5 wins and 5 losses, Jason Cordero stepped back into the ring March 23rd.

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