155 minutes located in  Oceania - Australia

Testosterone: Uncovering the hidden roles Testosterone plays in shaping our society.

The world is experiencing a global bee crisis, with Australia the only country not yet affected. With bees responsible for almost a third of the food on our plate, this […]

Murder Mouth: Could you kill what you had for dinner? Maddie, a 21 year-old meat eater, decides to take the question into her own hands.

Bachelors and spinsters ball refers to a dance held in rural Australia for single young adults who can sometimes live up to a day’s drive from their nearest neighbor.

Tom Varney is a former psychotic criminal who later found God and devoted himself to serving his fellow man. In a strange twist of morality, this led to his life’s […]

Western Australia is “the world’s deadliest place for shark attacks”, sparking a kill order on threatening sharks.

Cyber-bullying has become a major issue in Australia, leading to anxiety, withdrawal from school and even suicide.

Scuba diver Peter Trayhurn shares his life changing day when he and his buddy got lost at sea, 8 miles/8km off the Australien east coast. Pictures from his camera show […]

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