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“180” Movie – Hitler vs Abortion

Does anybody remember Hitler? Watch this film and you’ll be really surprised. Two times. What begins with a debate about Hitler turns into a “discussion” about abortion. The filmmaker even compares abortion with the Holocaust. Is evangelist Ray Comfort awesome/awful or just a smart viral video expert? What do you think? What’s behind this film?

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  • Bwjs71

    I like his methods, they're really effective at tricking dumb people (and come on, these people are dumb, who doesn't know who Hitler was?) Talk about something that is widely accepted as evil, then draw parallels , no matter how vague, to things you are against. Wha-la. By the time the morons get to that part in the video they're already too captivated by his apparent intelligence to realize they're being duped.

    Logical progression of the video:1.) Nazi's killed innocent people
    2.) Therefore Nazi's = evil3.) If you are forced to kill a living conscious human you are evil, like the Nazi's
    4.) Killing is apparently identical in all scenarios, so killing a pit full of half-dead people is the same as aborting a child.
    5.) If you abort children, you are a Nazi.
    6.) You want to give Hitler a hug.

    • Mr.Joshua

      I’m sorry, this piece of trash documentary should not become the catalyst of seriuos discussion that it has. But since we feel we must pick up pitch forks and barricade ourselves on either side of this all too popular, inherenlty devisive and vitrually useless debate… I’l bite, The truth of the matter is that humans are selfishness in carnate.That’s why we can eat a hamburger and our mind never wonders to the cow who had to die for our lunch, It’s how we can drive a V-8 Dodge Durango to work everyday at Walmart getting all of 7 miles to the gallon, and make excuses as to all the reasons the ice caps are melting, We give our wives diamonds as a symbol of our love, knowing all the while that 9 African miners died for that stone. We are genetically programmed to look about ten minutes into our future and about 40 feet in front of ourselves. We are the only spiecies who truly need a “God” figure to govern our actions or I’m not so sure the strongest of us wouldn’t just make it legal to kill the weak. For fun, not for food. Thing is… I’m no baby killer, I didn’t go to school to learn how to run the little baby vacuum thingy. That said I believe it’s a womans choice…If she can’t provide for the child and neglects it, who’s to say that it would’nt turn out to be the next Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, or dare I say… Adolf Hitler.

  • Megotgame

    manipulative shit

    • jcheek

      Correction your the one who has been manipulated, can't you see that.

  • Roxanne

    The movie was so good that I am passing it on to others…!! People need to wake up concerning Abortion. So many of the people's phrases about abortion are buzz words that they have sadly heard or been taught. It is our duty to change their hearts as Christians.

    • Biko198

      exactly what 'Reality' do you propose people wake up to? 

      • Acts17:11

        The only one there is.

  • jcheek

    super movie, God bless you.

  • jcheek

    I can't believe youtube pulled this video, disturbing and scary to say the least. Americans wake up …….this is not a free country anymore. The Muslims are controling more than you know.

  • Karen

    This was the most disturbing piece of propoganda I have witnessed in a long time.  Adolf Hitler instigated genocide – which is defined as the deliberate or attempted extermination of an entire people based on bigotry.  The documentary labels abortion as the “genocide of the unborn”. There is no bigotry or extermination of an entire people when it comes to abortion. This video not only voiced incredibly ignorant anti-semetic views, it also associated abortion with Adolph Hitler.  I’m not sure which one insults me more.  The video goes through steps of identifying the horrors that Hitler did and asking people if they had the opportunity to kill Hitler, would they have – they all (except 1) said yes.  The video then links the holocaust with abortion – giving the message that those who perform abortions should be killed as Hitler should have been.  The fact that the producers chose to interview illiterate, unintelligent, simplistic people with no concept of logic or deductive reasoning makes this video drivel.  However, the fact that it is being circulated and posted on-line, makes it dangerous drivel.

    • Anonymous

       I guess you have the opportunity to say this S**T because your MUM gave you the opportunity to live.You are the one insulting HUMANITY and  incredibly ignorant and not the video.We already saw the video,why narrate what we already saw?If you dont have anything to say constructive,shut it up.How do you know if those people were illustrates  or not?The concept of deductive reasoning could be used to prove certain events and probable future occurrences.Thank God that millions of people see something good in this documentary and not just people like you who does not have simple respect for HUMAN LIFE. 

      • Biko198

        For someone who seems a fan of reasoning, you quickly set up a straw man argument. You cannot technically infer the previous post's views on abortion – They are taking shots directly at the argument made in the documentary and calling it what it is, manipulative hand-picked footage which erases any hint of opposing viewpoints by only showing supportive interviews.

    • Dlight

      This documentary stresses the point that the unborn are indeed human beings and seeks to un-brainwash those who try to rationalize abortion as being somehow acceptable. It certainly does not promote killing woman who have abortions–the documentary says God will forgive these woman if they want His forgiveness. There is certainly nothing dangerous about this doc., quite the opposite is true.
      If you want to believe abortion can be a good thing and that only simpletons can believe otherwise, then I feel sorry for you because you deceived.

      • alice

        It’s hard to not believe that only idiots could fall for this line of reasoning when all the subjects in the film that do a “180” and become are pro-life are all complete idiots that can’t think for themselves. Who’s Hitler, REALLY?!?!?

    • Dixymal

      The message is not that those who perform abortion should be killed.  Its is contrasting what Hitler did “killing human beings” with the killing of “unborn human beings”  I think you got it from the worng side.  In anyway this was anti-semetic.  It does interview simplistic people, but they represent well our country.

    • Acts17:11

      If you really believe abortion isn’t the genocide of the unborn, then you absolutely have not done your homework. Check out Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Check out her belief system. Very much the same as Hitler. “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Yep that was her statement. Planned Parenthood was birthed in bigotry and hatred of the “inferior” races.
      To bring home the validity of this film, I’ll parallel some quotes for you.Adolf
      Hitler – Fuehrer of Nazi Germany “The demand that defective
      people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring. .
      . represents the most humane act of mankind.” Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 10

      from Hitler and Eugenics

      Margaret Sanger – Founder of
      Planned Parenthood “. . .we prefer the policy of immediate
      sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is ‘ absolutely
      prohibited ‘ to the feeble-minded.” The Pivot of Civilization, p102 And I believe this documentary was done by people attending UNIVERSITIES!

    • Patricia Alber

      Tell me, O wise one, who is a murderer? One who orders the extermination of one?
      Or must it be two? Five? 5000? 5million? Adolph Hitler was a murderer. One who aborts and one who conspires with them are as guilty of murder as Hitler. And what happens to the conscience of one who commits murder over and over? About 50% of women in the U.S. have one abortion. And 40% have repeat abortions. What has this done to mothers?

  • Kyle

    There isn't a lot I can say that hasn't been said below. What I will mention is that this video not only "logically" links the holocaust to abortion and continues on to basically accuse people who aren't 100% against abortion, no matter what the situation, of being complicit in the Holocaust; but it also demonstrates the gospel of self-loathing that makes Christianity leave a bad taste in the mouth. While I would say that the holocaust is irrelevant to the issue of abortion, that segment of religious preaching so much more so, it makes the former connection almost reasonable. This is obviously just the self-indulgent work of a pseudo-intellectual bible beater seeking to affect "change" through fear mongering and philosophical bullying. I suggest that Ray Comfort watch the other documentary featured on this page "When Abortion was Illegal…", so that he may be witness to the atmosphere of fear and danger that he is, in fact, supporting. Okay, so there is a lot I can say…

  • But, what I have never understood from anyone seeking an abortion is why they don't protect their baby and give it up for adoption.  Because, yes, that is a living baby within you.  And the industry that tells you that it is nothing but a clump of cells is lying to you. And society was very different before abortion was legal.  Back then pregnancy outside of marriage was condemned. If you were working and pregnant without a husband, you would loss your job.  If you were pregnant outside of marriage and in school, you would have to leave.  If you were pregnant outside of marriage you would go into hiding until the baby was born.  Doesn't happen today. There is no stigma to pregnancy outside of marriage. And, yet, abortion is more rampant than ever and yes it is a holocaust of forced death on an innocent population. There are millions of women out there who want to adopt and adopt several times.  I am one. I have two adopted children and I was lucky to be able to adopt more than one. My husband and I wanted to adopt 5 babies but the adoption agency had a limit based on the numbers wanting to adopt and babies available. God Bless those birth mothers and their hearts and their love of their babies.

  • I for one was changed by this film, and in a good way.  I used to think we should be trying to get women their rights, yet realized more that the women yet to be born (and men too, but in countries like China the boys are kept and girls aborted) have a chance should have a right too.  The Jews were also slaughtered for no reason, except for what was convenient.

  • Also, abortion isn't fair in the cases of rape or incest either.  Why should the baby be punished for the crime?  If my wife was raped, should our 1 year-old baby be put to death as the result?  Then why a baby who has yet to have a chance?  Give the living soul up for abortion people.  And also, in the case of the mother's health being in danger, try to save both, but don't resort to killing just  because it is the easiest and most convenient.

  • rational human

    Fix all the hungry little mouths that already exist before I have any possibility of watching and agreeing with this conservative bleeding-heart nonsense. Calling it a doco is a big stretch…

    • Acts17:11

      So is it more humane to tear them apart limb from limb in the womb so they don’t have to be hungry? Not following that logic or lack there of.

  • Asf

    What if someone didn't believe in your God? What if they're was a overload of filled adoption clinics of unwanted babies?

  • AussieSheila

    This man is a bully. He corners people and pounces on them with confronting issues without warning. Of course these people would say they have changed their views-He probably wouldn’t let them go otherwise. Sounds like he is from NZ or AU- If he tried to film this movie there he would be shouted out of town. How dare he play mind games with innocent people for his own selfish beliefs. No one has the right to judge me. I may not follow the faith of god or jesus, but my understanding is that he is more accepting than this ray person, and whatever mumbo jumbo he follows. If people change their entire belief structure based on one half hour of propaganda, your a moron.

  • D. Flaherty

    I found the video was incredibly eye-opening in that it links the discussion about the killing of innocent human life as was done under Hitler in WWII and the killing of innocent life inside the womb.  It causes one to think deeply on the issue of the sanctity of human life.  So often truth can be harsh and difficult to accept and some may find it offensive, but it is nonetheless, Truth.  Our culture has been brainwashed into believing that life inside the womb is only “tissue” or a “ball of cells” and that it is a “woman’s right to choose.”  Regarding the development of human life in the womb, within 5 days of conception the sex of a baby can be detected, their hearts are developing by 18 days and can beat within 24 days, by 42 days babies have reflexes, by 43, brain activity begins.  9 week old babies can squint and swallow, move their limbs at 12 weeks. Since the killing of babies inside the womb was legalized in 1973, over 54million babies have been aborted. Why does it only become illegal if the baby is killed outside the womb??  So often we take positions on issues without knowing all of the facts and accept as truth what we are told or simply accept the direction our culture is going.  Jesus said, “The thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy, but I have come that you may have life and life abundantly.” John 10:10  God created us in His image. Genesis 1:26  And He loved the world so much that He sent His only son to save it. John 3:16  Each human life has eternal worth and value in the eyes of God and He passionately loves each one who He created.    

  • Peter

    I think people are getting angry for silly reasons. I myself am Pro-Life, always have been and I will always support it. Here is my reasoning and if you disagree then you need to re-evaluate your morals: if it’s evil to shoot a Jew in the back of the head, then it’s evil to shoot a baby in the womb, correct? So if it’s evil to mangle a baby’s body and tear their limbs off in the womb, then it’s evil to mangle a Jew and tear their limbs off with axes and saws in front of an open pit. A person is a person, I don’t understand how anyone can think otherwise. I completely understand where this video is coming from and applaud those who made it.  If you’re not “ready” for a child and think you need an excuse for an abortion then KEEP YOUR PANTS ON and you won’t be pregnant in the first place! God has a plan for every human no matter how they are conceived whether it be rape, incest, or even by “accident”. Sure it doesn’t seem right sometimes, but it’s not our job to take lives, it’s His.

  • 123

    Qelle propragante hypocrythe et malhônnete! 

  • AgainstStupidThinkers

    This is a Type A example of Godwins Law. Look it up…Basically, if you have to use hilter and nazi germany to prove your point, your point is flawed from the start. Also an example of a Type A douchebag.

    • DestinyDayton

      how about you look up the definition of ‘murder’ – Comforts analogy works because murder is murder.

  • Rob12317

    Ray Comfort is a completely blind faith monger, twisting peoples words and ideas to suit his own by using a “bait and switch” tactic.
    I especially like how he twists peoples personal thoughts against them to label them as “blasphemous lying thieving adulterous fornicators”

    I’m surprised no one told this clown to shut his talk hole…

  • a guy

    if god is so loving why did he give me hormones? if he can’t keep me from my hormones is he really god?

  • Asia_college3

    No matter what you think of this guy he is making a point. We should not kill. Comparing anything to hitler or the nazis is not the best stand point, but the fact is he is making you open you eyes that abortion is murder and hitler was a murder.

  • Asia_college3

    Every person is a single spec on this earth and even if you think you shouldnt bring someone into this world because you dont have a plan or you cant afford to take care of them or their quality of life will be compromised, think again. The people who have lived the hardest lives to the greatest things and if they had been aborted they would never had lived their life. Which is better? never living or living through hardship and pain and overcoming that?

    • Asia_college3

      and even if you never overcome that you can find beauty in anything especially a life lived. 

    • Celltribe

      Which is worse to you? And since you are asking I will ask one as well. Is it worse to drown in a vat of acid or a lake of mud? Its still dying and the point is moot. You ask if questions like you have all the answers. Bottom line is douchebags like you think its your opinion that counts and as such everyone should listen to you. I say go f yourself jerkoff. When of and buts become candy and nits we will all have a wonderful Christmas. Until then mind your own God damned business and stay the hell out of others.

      • Couturezoe

        I can tell by the language you use what sort of a person you are–a person is as good–or as bad–as the language he/she uses.

      • sally

        It should be the business of every human being to respect and protect human life at all stages of development.

    • Couturezoe

      Good thinking.

  • Sectour

    The analogy between Nazism and abortion only could come from a religious fundamentalist. Crystal clear his approach. Just find the most vulnerable folks you can and use all kind of cheap religious blackmail. 

    • Patricia Alber

      What’s your point? Do you think God is going to say, “Oh yeah, they were a Jew so this is worse than murdering a child.”?

  • Celltribe

    Lol as soon as I saw the name Ray Comfort, I knew I would not be watching this. I will assume it is slanted and disgusting like the rest of the infantile bullshit this failed cheerleader pedals.

  • Blue

     ridiculous! he, of course, failed to show the answer of the older jewish guy who lost his family to the holocaust to the abortion bit. its also very scary because the subtext of what he is aiming at is that the anti-abortion people have full moral authority to kill doctors who practice abortion. also, i;d love to see how many crack babies he has adopted and raised. its pretty sad that his bogus relativist argument gets so easily absorbed. so, if you felt that Ray Comfort was just about to ruin the live of millions due to unwanted pregnancies, would you take him out? by his logic, yes!

  • Richwibs

    It seems like the truth has really hit home on some of the angry people here. They are missing the good news that despite our faults Gods love will save us from all of our trials, mistakes and failures. Even an abortionist can be forgiven.

  • mizagi

    … Would you kill an unborn Adolf Hitler in the womb if you knew he would kill 6 million + people? Why did he skip this question. That is the goddamn question I want the answer to. 


      Would you kill Trotsky, Lenin, Netanyahu, or any of Israel’s pro genocide stance against Palestinians? I WOULD.

  • alice

    Apparently this movie isnt very effective – all the comments on here praising it are from people that already proclaim to be pro-life. Good thing the majority of pro-choicers aren’t as dumb as the subjects in this film.

  • charlotte uk

    It is absolutely ridiculous to compare abortion to the holocaust! Abortion is different every single time it happens, each women is under different circumstances and ending a child’s life before it has met the world is completely different to killing millions of people for prejudiced reasons. This is complete propaganda! And the way this man manipulates these dumb people into paralleling hitler and a woman who has an abortion is completely wrong. Hitler killed out of pure hatred and prejudiced, however many women have abortions because they know they cannot provide a good life for a child. I would love for this man to ask me these questions because I would not be as pathetic as these people and I would stand up for what I believe without some idiot trying to guilt trip me. I would class myself as christian but I 100% believe in legal abortion. Hitler manipulated people and made propaganda films, which this man is doing, so does this mean that he should be compared to the holocaust. Also this is a pathetic attempt at manipulation and the people who watched this and changed their views are as stupid as the people in the film.

    • Patricia Alber

      And it is absolutely ridiculous to call yourself a Christian and say you believe 100% in legal abortion. You can’t, read CAN’T call yourself a Christian and say it is alright to disobey Christ and His commandments. JN 14:15 “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” For example: “Thou Shall not MURDER.” Abortion is murder every single time- no matter the circumstances. Completely and totally uncalled for. Most women get abortions because they are selfish, not because they can’t afford to give the child some glorious fictitious life. Tens of thousands of couples have to go overseas to adopt because there aren’t any babies in our country to adopt.

      • Jude Rose

        However with saying that, I mean this with absolute no disrespect and a lot of curiosity. How can you say that when “God” himself has contradicted it, did he not send his people to war to kill in the name of him? Is it not similar to what Hitler did?

        • 2lumpsofclay

          Wow! After 5 years. Cool. What you may be failing to understand is that you are equating a holy God, one who does good only, with sinful man “whose thoughts are only evil from his youth up”. “The heart (of man) is deceitful and desperately wicked”, God says. You have to be certain not to make God over into your image or the image of man. God is the Creator. He made man. He made them perfect. They are the ones who ruined it by disobeying. By the time Noah came around man was so evil and violent-and the animals too-that He vowed to destroy them, which He pretty much did. God put up with man and his evil until he “filled up his cup”. God gives every man the chance to repent and follow His ways-which lead to life. People refuse to the point that God deals with them. That is what He has done through all history. God used the Jews to tell the world about purity, sin, judgement, and redemption. He didn’t spare us the dirty details of anyone. Even those who followed Him. When God had Israel destroy peoples it was in judgement on them. He gave them long periods of time to repent and they didn’t. It is very difficult to do justice to this topic in a forum like this because it is worthy of hearing the whole thing. As far as Hitler-you are putting God on the level of man. He sees the end from the beginning, He has no evil thoughts, but only good. Man does not have a right to destroy another person. The Holocaust was a terrible thing but God used it to get the Jews back into the land.

  • Mr.Joshua

    I think we have to put all this into perspective, Whatever pool of humanity he was questioning were total mouthbreaters. That had to be on the Quad of some American college campus. Because “our” goal is to pump out an entire generation of mongoloids who think Africa is a country and That you can throw a stone from Anchorage Alaska to the former Soviet Union and that yes they’ve heard of Adolf Hitler… “Wasn’t he the chubby one from dancing with the stars?” So It doesn’t suprise me that these hopelessly undereducated youth had no thoughtfull, philisophical responses to the old “Well what about abortion?!” I mean these kids were assuming that they knew what they would do if some SS officer were holding them at gunpoint forcing them to commit murder. They seemed sure that they would either, bury the Jews or as the one “Billy Bad ass” put it “Take the shot”. Where as any one who has seen actual combat will tell you that their is a whole other outcome to this scenario, One in which these school kids crawl into the fiedel position and cry for mommy. Oh, I guess that wasn’t a prescripted option…

    • Jude Rose

      Agreed, however, I don’t find them to be stupid though, they are just ignorant.

  • H2j0e

    Funny how this video points out that so many people are so…well how do we say cerebrally challenged?….that they don’t even know who Hitler is. Then they prey on the people that are not intelligent enough to know that Jesus (and other religious leaders of that time) taught that it was not a human life until the second tri-mister. If Jesus was ok with abortion, shouldn’t all people? BTW- why didn’t they point out that Hitler had the most stringent anti-abortion law for German people?

    • Patricia Alber

      You want to share with us where Jesus said that?

  • Jude Rose

    Before I start, I do not have a religion, I believe that saying you are something is different than knowing what it is that you consider yourself. One you can call yourself a Christian and know nothing of what a Christian actually is, two it is easy to prove a point that you are trying to make by taking only the information that suits what you are talking about, three if you actually study the bible you will see that “God” contradicts himself over and over again, four you can say that you believe in the bible all you want, but can you prove who wrote it or where it came from? Were you there to see who created it or why? Say all you can do is have faith that it was from “God”, but you can have faith that you won’t die and obviously you are going to die, in my opinion actual facts and actual answers lead you steps closer to what you are searching for than mindlessly following after and or having faith in something that you can’t prove. I’m not trying to piss people off, I’m just expressing my feelings. Also you can’t say your proof is the Bible, because again, Can you prove where it came from? Cand you prove who wrote it? I also would like to say that if you consider stealing a life to be wrong than you are also going against your own religion because if “God” created life and he is the ruler of everything, all existance and all eternity, and in the Bible he tells his “people” kill or go to war is he not then himself saying to his people break this law, don’t worry it’s okay becaues I gave you my permission, does that make it any less wrong? He may not have literally taken the life, however he influenced someone to, in my opinion that’s exactly what Hitler did. Also “God” has taken life as well several times in the Bible. To me it sounds like a mokey see, but monkey don’t do. So, with all that being said I’m going to ask a question because I am genuinely curious. Would you follow someone who tells you don’t do any of these things and the does them? I mean his says jealousy is the same as murder and then goes on to say later “For I am a jealous God”, I really want to know, I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I’m not judging, I’m just curious.

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