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Chongqing – China’s Secret Metropolis

This film is an introduction to the world’s fastest growing city, a place that welcomes 1300 new citizens every day and whose economy grew by 16% last year. China is undergoing the fastest and most extensive industrial revolution in history, and Chongqing is its epicenter.

This first ever English language feature length documentary about Chongqing was filmed on location between February and June 2013.

  • mas

    what is the song in the beginning named? i have heard it several times

    • josh

      Darude sandstorm

  • Andy Dowling

    Awesome! I have a lot of interest in China and this documentary was a real eye opener for a city that I knew very little of. Gives me some more motivation to learn a Chinese dialect and hopefully one day explore more of this great country.

    With its rapid expansion and opening its doors more to the rest of the world, I also wonder what the possibilities of western music (non-pop) being popular in China? Maybe there is a young demographic out there who would enjoy some Australian heavy metal music? Might have to bring our band over :-)

Duration: 41:24
Country: Peoples Republic of China
City: Chongqing
Language: EN
Resolution max: 720p
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: christianhenrik
Published on: 2013-08-05
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Ø Rating: 5.00