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Radioactivists – Protest and Discourse in Japan since Fukushima

The film explores the Japanese protest culture under the effects of Fukushima and to illuminate the backgrounds of the current movements, protests and critical voices, which keep getting louder, not only in Japan. First look at an upcoming documentary by German filmmakers Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel.

They accompanied the rallies and demonstrations within end-April to mid-May 2011 and talked to all those critical voices about the current situation: scientists, journalists, activists and bloggers.

We, Clarissa Seidel and Julia Leser, were both in Japan on the day of the giant earthquake, followed by the Fukushima accidents. We were shocked about the way the media both in Japan and Germany reported about those events.But, the first anti-nuke protests in Tokyo surprised us in a very positive way.

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Duration: 04:11
Language: EN
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Provided by: ginger blonde
Published on: 2011-06-17
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