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Should Qatar Host The FIFA World Cup? Part 2 on Qatar 2022

Discover the Hidden Brutality Of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Preparations. “We have been here for two months […] for two months we haven’t been given beds.” Such is life for a migrant worker. Lured to Qatar by the promise of good salaries and regular trips home – they have their passports confiscated on arrival, and their wages slashed. Some work seven days a week, fifteen hours a day, returning home to overcrowded slums where even stray animals struggle to survive.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will cost the country $200 billion, and for the contractors charged with making it happen – finance is all that matters. “They don’t care how many die, only how much they get” claims one insider.

Yet despite the appalling conditions, some are better off in Qatar than back home. “This is our life. In my country there is no work. Too much corruption. No money, no work.”

Duration: 22:42
Country: Qatar
City: Al-Rayyan
Language: EN
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Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Journeyman Pictures
Published on: 2015-06-12
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