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The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience

A documentary focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does this by addressing exactly who we all are, and why we are here. It further delves into each of the key pieces that make up the human puzzle, namely the planet, the body, and the ego. The documentary concludes by addressing the shift in consciousness that has already begun and continues to intensify on the planet. It’s intention is to further provide the viewer with the tools and understanding it needs to step out of current limitations and instead experience the infinite potentiality we are all capable of.

To watch in French or Spanish, click the little CC button on the player. Hover over the CC to bring up the options. For Spanish choose “English – SPANISH!

  • Nilbient1

    This film "The Collective Evolution 2" is disgusting.  These people can believe what they want but I would advise anyone having contact with them to give them no support, financial or otherwise.  They make up fairy tales, and spout statements that have absolutely no logical meanings.  They use the tools of language to give the impression that their imagination has some sort of logic and can be considered knowledge.  Hello….the entire universe is like this and we are here to do this….. well thanks for the easy explanation, why didn't I think of that.  You must be  a special soul. Please.   I would advise dedicating more time to playing your djembe and dont bother the world with your words and phoney explanations.

    • bill

      right on, brother.

  • Nilbient1

    Giving words and meanings to "the source of the universe", categorizing and anthropomorphizing it by giving it a need, a mind, a desire, or a motivation is the true sign of charlatanry. Our ability to hypothesize about or understand motivations are based our relative recognition of life and its situations.  The universe as a whole exists, naturally, with environments and structures that we are not familiar with. We have no words for them nor understandings of how they "feel". Without our senses in relation to stimuli we can have no words or descriptions. We can not give meaning to the word "soul" and we can by no means give a motivation to this soul. We could never make a statement, "the soul chooses to be born in a country of starving people to learn what it is like to die of starvation at 9 months old."  This experience is necessary to a "soul" that is apparently "neutral" for what purpose? If this soul is neutral then by definition it makes no choice. Who would you be to claim that there is a purpose, or a choice and that you would know it.  Everyone in this film uses language that is so sure about everything. The Universe is so….and we are here to …. well there we are,  questions answered see you at the test. Why are we so unable to exist at peace in our ignorance and keep our foolish mouths shut.

    • bill

      I see you basicly agree with my comments above.

  • Michelle D

    Its an opinion. Something to give some thought to. It is not set in stone but facinating and worth watching, my opinion! Be careful of that ego it gets frightened and does not like anything threatening it? I loved it and thank the makers for their insight, I look forward to more of its kind, it is what is needed. Great Documentary.  Many thanks MD

  • Apbrennan

    What a load of self-important, egotistical ramblings! 
    I’m off to get a snack as my stomach’s telling me I’m hungry and there isn’t much sun out today!!
    On a positive note: I liked the reminder to continue to question our beliefs and that, our “… world is only a reflection of yourself …” and therefore to “…stop finding fault with the reflection”.  But spending an hour and a half of my weekend for this was a waste of valuable time that could have been used reading a good self-limiting book!

  • james

    “the universe is…” hehe.

    how much did the cutaway shots cost from the media library?
    why did the contributors explaining things cite few people?
    whats the reasoning behind the piano music?
    why use a young female voice as narrator?

    • bill

      yes, and why did this doc receive 4 stars when only one is a positive comment
      something is wrong with the star button.

      • my guess is people who dislike something are more likely to comment.

  • bill

    it is my opinion that this doc is made by some professor at a state university with some of his sophmore students. using his own hypothisis, and teaching them to his students, he has
    them all saying the same thing with the reward of a good grade. no diversity in this documentry and all hypothisis’s stated by all are with no true creative ideas. it is a mask for the prof to get himself a merit raise and the kids a good grade. using profound subject matter. they use it like so many others use religious subject matter, that is, in order to gain control of others and to better themselves at the sacrifice of those who really wish to learn.
    no one has any credentrials stated in the film or discription. one sees that they use no experts in any field. the film is made by other students with a bunch of stock media files gained by the universitiy’s tight budget.
    instead of presenting their own views and others on the subjects, they all use one voice in expressing the prof’s single-minded view point.
    originality is nil, and thus the doc fails on all acounts.
    it becomes dangerous in the way it is presented so matter-a-factly. this is just one professors opinion and nothing more- yet, it is presented as truisms.

  • Zee

    Can’t say I got through it all. Some interesting stuff, but I quit watching after they had the whole segment on how nature is a reflection of ourselves and that’s why there’s the predator/prey thing going on. Apparently, before us special human souls who the world revolved around came along, all was harmonious and peaceful. Tell that to our squirrel-like ancestors millions of years ago who were terrified of all the Dino predators!

  • glenn

    Hippy bullshit

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Ø Rating: 2.89