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The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012

The film tells the fascinating story of Red Bull Racing becoming the leading team in the Formula One circus. From the very beginnings to the first victories. An inside look into the team and the people behind it.

Sebastian Vettel: “I crossed the line and I was empty. I started crying under the helmet. It was very difficult to find the voice to talk to the team, to respond. On the podium and the whole night after that. It was a bit of a rush. It was very difficult to understand what we have achieved.”

Adrian Newey: “Since 2010 in particular the level of sniping at us just got a little bit silly to be honest. Seem like every race we were accused of doing something illegal. The car of course was using the regulations to the edge, that’s to me what you should do in Formula Once.”

Christian Horner: “It was an incredible day. This was Abu Dabi and against all the odds Sebastian won the drivers world championship

And it was really special to have dietrich there that day. He doesn’t come too many races. He
likes to keep a very low profile but it is his support, his vision and his encouragement this enabled us to achieve what we have and that was what was so special that he was there in Abu Dabi to witness sebastian becoming the first drivers World Champion for Red Bull

It took about another month before realization finally set in, we have won the constructors and drivers wolrd championship. And even if we have achieved nothing else in this sport, nobody could take that away from us.”

With interviews from Red Bull Racing

  • Mastermind: Adrian Newey
  • Triple F1 World Champion: Sebastian Vettel
  • F1 Racer: Mark Webber
  • Team Principal: Christian Horner
Duration: 29:38
Language: EN
Resolution max: 1080p
Video Source: YouTube
Provided by: Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Published on: 2012-12-17
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